World Mime Day Wiki edit-a-thon 2018

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World Mime Day Wiki edit-a-thon 2018 is an international event that should be organised by a local person or institution involved in mime and by a local Wikimedia chapter. The goal is to enrich the content regarding mime on Wikipedia in different languages symbolically on 22nd of March - World Mime Day. The idea came up cooperation between Wikimedia Serbia and Serbian actor Marko Stojanović, president of World Mime Organisation. The event was successfully organized in 2016 and 2017, and this year is a part of the First World Mime Conference.

What does a local organiser need to do?[edit]

  • Agree to organise the event and coordinate all parties during preparation period and realization
  • Make contact with relevant institution
  • Find few volunteers - they could be students of mime, theatre, film, languages, journalism, history of art, computer sciences or any others who know how to write and have an interest in mime
  • Find a space with internet where you and your volunteers can come on the World Mime Day, March 22nd. That can be in your theatre, (mime) studio/school, university, (public) library, co-working space, cafe, park…
  • Organizer and volunteers should find relevant sources of information on mime (books, web sites, theatre programs, post-doctoral/PhD/Master research documents, all kind of official documents)


You can write about mime in the world and/or mime in your country and/or mime in your city and/or mime in your school/university and/or mime in your theatre/film/TV/web/media and/or in your festival… You can write about mime in general, mime history, mime theatres/groups/companies formal and informal, mime shows, mime artists, mime schools/universities/departments, mime festivals, mime projects.

Photo release[edit]

Make contact with relevant institution who can provide free photos of mime artist/teacher/researcher/director/organiser (etc…), images from your shows, theatre, films, videos, school/university, festivals, artwork with mime as a topic/theme... You can do the same for other mime artists and institutions.

Time plan[edit]

  • 8 - 18th of March - application for local organizers
  • 18 - 22nd of March
    • creating local project page and list of articles
    • contacting relevant institution (theatre, studio, university...)
    • announcing call for participants
    • media promotion
  • 22nd of March - World Mime Day Wiki edit-a-thon
  • Beginning of April - edit-a-thon evaluation



  • at least one excellent article created or significantly edited during the edit-a-thon per country on average
  • at least three articles created or significantly edited during the edit-a-thon per community on average
  • Total number of participants: 75


  • Developing strong relations between chapters
  • Building partnerships with relevant institutions through networking

Participating countries and organizers[edit]


  • Share information about World Mime Day Wiki edit-a-thon with you community.
  • Create local wiki page for the event.
  • Define a list of at least 30 articles about by 18 March.
    • mime artists
    • mime festivals
    • mime shows
    • mime theatres
  • Put the lists on your local wiki page.

Local organizers[edit]

Contact person
Contact person
Country Affiliation Local page
Ivana Guslarević Ivana Guslarevic Serbia Wikimedia Serbia Уређивачки маратон - Светски дан пантомиме 2018
Kiril Simeonovski Kiril Simeonovski Macedonia Shared Knowledge Светски ден на пантомимата 2018

Interested in participating[edit]

Countries / affiliations / communities interested in participating but without final decision. If you are interested, please list at least one contact person, who can provide more details on state of your decision.

Contact person
Contact person
Wiki community Affiliation

Will not participate[edit]

Countries / affiliations / communities who decided not to participate.

Name Username Country Affiliation

Blog and media[edit]

World Mime Day 2017 - Blog in Serbian

Pres clipping[edit]