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Write for the Rights Nigeria Online Challenge from 1 June to 30 June 2022.

This page collects the top results and interesting statistics. For all details, visit this page

General results[edit]

General outcome

  • 16 competitors with actual edits (22 signed up)
  • 81 new articles created.
  • 211 articles improved
  • Edits made in 5 languages.


  1. Uncle Bash007, 122 points. 25 articles created, in Hausa and English. Overall winner
  2. Muhammad Idriss Criteria, 87 points. 16 articles created, in Hausa. Hausa Language winner
  3. Akwugo, 84 points. 16 articles created, in Igbo. Igbo Language winner

Consolation prizes[edit]

  1. Timzy D'Great, 33 points. 6 articles created, in Igbo.
  2. Iwuala Lucy, 26 points. 5 articles created, in English.
  3. Kingsley Nkem, 5 points. 1 articles created, in Igbo.
  4. Dfertileplain, created, in Simple.