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Yoruba Wikipedia tutorial videos

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The Yoruba Wikipedia tutorial videos are series of videos produced by the Yoruba Wikimedians User Group to support the training of new editors. These videos were produced following feedbacks from members of the Yoruba Community. The community has expressed interest in a video tutorials that would enhance their learning on how to contribute to the Yoruba Wikipedia.

The tutorial videos would be produced in phases and the first version (V1) would be lunched on the 10th of January 2024. The "Wikipedia Tutorial Videos" aim to empower new users with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate, edit, and contribute to the Yoruba Wikipedia while fostering a positive and collaborative contributions.



The scope of the video covers relevant topics on how to edit on the Yoruba Wikipedia. It covers the following

  1. Introduction: This video gives an overview of Yoruba Wikipedia and its significance as one of the Yoruba-language versions of a collaborative online encyclopedia. It includes details about the community of editors, behavioural expectations, and so on.
  2. Basic Navigation: Orientation on Wikipedia interface and navigation. Explanation of key elements such as search bar, article pages, and side menus. Overview of user profiles and talk pages.
  3. Creating a Wikipedia Account: This video give a step-by-step guide on creating a Wikipedia account, the benefits of having an account for editing and contributing to Wikipedia as well as overview of user preferences and settings.
  4. Article Creation: This video focus on creating a new Wikipedia article. It provide guidance on researching and citing reliable sources. It also include tips for maintaining neutrality and adhering to the Yoruba Wikipedia's content policies.
  5. Content translation tool : This tutorial video on the Wikipedia Content Translation tool provides a comprehensive guide for users to seamlessly translate content between different language versions of Wikipedia. Key topics covered include accessing the tool, selecting source and target languages, using automatic translation suggestions, engaging in manual translation, handling references, collaborating with other editors, and adapting categories and templates. The tutorial also covers publishing translated articles, monitoring and editing post-publication, integrating with other Wikipedia tools, and accessing feedback and help resources. The tutorial aims to empower users with the knowledge and skills needed for effective multilingual collaboration on Wikipedia.
  6. Referencing Yoruba Wikipedia article : This tutorial video on Yoruba Wikipedia Wikipedia references cover crucial aspects of citing sources in articles. It would include guidance on accessing reliable references, understanding citation formats, using citation templates, and incorporating in-text citations. The tutorial emphasize the importance of verifiability and reliable sourcing, demonstrate how to create citations for various types of sources, and provide tips for organizing and formatting reference sections. Additionally, the video encourage users to check and improve existing citations, understand the role of citation styles in Wikipedia, and contribute to maintaining the credibility and accuracy of Wikipedia articles through proper referencing.
  7. Wiki-markups : This tutorial video on Yoruba Wikipedia markup cover essential aspects of editing Wikipedia articles using wiki markup language. Key topics include an introduction to basic wiki markup syntax, formatting text (e.g., bold, italic), creating headings, adding links, incorporating lists, and embedding images. The tutorial also address more advanced markup techniques, such as creating tables and infoboxes, using templates, and understanding the structure of an article.
  8. How to create your first article : This video provides a comprehensive guide for newcomers. It covers creating a Yoruba Wikipedia account, understanding content policies, conducting research, and navigating the Yoruba Wikipedia interface. The tutorial includes practical steps for starting and structuring an article, adding content with a focus on neutrality and reliable sourcing, and handling citations. It encourages collaborative editing, emphasizes adherence to notability guidelines, and guides users through the submission and review process. The tutorial concludes with tips on responding to feedback, celebrating contributions, and fostering continued engagement with the Yoruba Wikipedia community. Overall, it aims to empower users to confidently contribute to Wikipedia by creating well-structured and verifiable articles.

Work plan and timeline

Work plan & timeline
Month(s) Location(s) Activities Resulting deliverables Remarks
1 December – 15 December 2023 Lagos & Ibadan Production meetings, screen recording Every arrangement will have been finalized Done
16 – 5 January 2024 Ibadan & Abeokuta post-production (editing, color correction, sound mixing ) eight quality tutorial video produced . Working Waiting
10 January 2024 Lagos The video is launched and share with the community The video is uploaded to Commons Working Waiting

Communication plan


Effective communication is a key factor in any production. Below are the various types of communication we had and its objectives.

Communication type Objectives of communication Medium Frequency Audience Owner
Production meeting
  • Discuss the production
  • Delivery timeline
  • designs
In-person one-off
  • Tunde Oladimeji
  • Dansu Peter
  • Mikaeel Sodiq
  • Other crew members
Project manager (Mikaeel Sodiq)
Post-production meeting
  • Recap of the scope of the video
  • Recap of deliverable
  • Conclusion on final delivery date
  • Discussion on colour grading, graphics, post-treatments
  • Agreement on file format
In-person one-off
  • Tunde Oladimeji
  • Mikaeel Sodiq
  • Editor
  • Other production team members
Project manager (Mikaeel Sodiq)
Video Licensing
  • Type of releasing license
  • Commission work agreement format
In-person one-off
  • Tunde Oladimeji
  • Peter Dansu
Project manager (Mikaeel Sodiq)


File type No. of files Format Duration Approximate size on GB or TB
Video 8 WebM or .ogg 2 – 30 mins 200 MB