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Since June 2011, the Foundation's Wikimedia Project and Event Grants program involves a Grant Advisory Committee, made up of volunteers from the Wikimedia community. The role of the GAC is to provide feedback on grant proposals – helping to improve applications and projects for which funding is sought, ensuring that sufficient information is provided and that estimates or goals are realistic – and generally to advise applicants and the Foundation on improving grants and the grants process.


The GAC has two fundamental goals:

1. To encourage and mentor chapters and other groups to:

  • learn about and understand the Wikimedia Project and Event Grants program;
  • draw up compelling project plans with an emphasis on strategic alignment and measurable goals;
  • request funding for those programs by submitting grant proposals.

2. To help the Foundation evaluate requested grants, not by a yes/no vote, but by deliberation and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of individual proposals on the talk page of each proposal.

The task[edit]

Members are tasked with the following:

  1. To peruse requests. The committee's attention will be pointed to new grant requests by Asaf Bartov, who manages the Wikimedia Project and Event Grants program at the Foundation. It is not required that each member of the GAC engage on every proposal, but members are encouraged to engage on as many proposals as possible. Members are expected to evaluate a request and either leave comments and questions on the talk page, declare that they have no objection to the request, or abstain. If the proposal is made by a group the GAC member is affiliated with, GAC members are expected to recuse themselves.
  2. To offer feedback and to request improvements. This is done in terms of clarity, focus, detail, and goals, on the talk page of the request (or privately if absolutely necessary). Committee members typically ask questions, offer advice or encouragement, or express concerns or point out potential problems.
  3. To make assessments. This is done on the talk page when a request has stabilized following any appropriate improvements, in terms of the program criteria. Program staff (at the Wikimedia Foundation) will take GAC input into account, and will only make a decision about open grant proposals after at least some GAC members have commented.

A note on attitude[edit]

In evaluating requests, please bear the following in mind:

  • Grant applicants are offering the Foundation a way to achieve impact through funding their activities. They are not asking for a favor; they are offering a benefit and a service to the Foundation (and the movement)! We appreciate and respect the people who take the time to articulate plans and offer us the chance to make progress on our mission through grantmaking. Even when the offer is ultimately not beneficial enough and we decline to fund it.
  • For many applicants, this is the first grant proposal they've ever been involved in. They may not present information very well; they may not express their plan clearly enough. Be patient and forbearing, and remember no one is born a grant-writer. :) Don't compromise on what's important, and by all means point out weaknesses and ask for improvements, but remain civil and respectful.
  • Remember that from the applicants' perspective, there is almost unavoidably at least some anxiety involved in the whole application process, until a decision is made. If your questions or comments are seen as disrespectful or dismissive, that anxiety is needlessly and unfairly increased. Try to present your questions and concerns sympathetically; put yourself in the applicants' shoes.


Current members[edit]

User name Real name Affiliation Since
Beria Béria Lima WMPT 2011-06-03
Ilario Ilario Valdelli WMCH 2011-06-03
Kiril Simeonovski Kiril Simeonovski WMMK 2011-06-03
Lankiveil WMAU 2011-06-03
Mayur HIWP 2011-06-03
Packa WMCZ 2011-06-03
Polimerek WMPL 2011-06-03
Solstag MCL 2011-06-03
ProtoplasmaKid WMMX 2012-07-24
Namayan Roel Balingit WMPH 2012-07-24
Nasir8891 Nasir Khan Saikat WMBD 2012-07-24
3BRBS WMCL 2012-07-24
Viswaprabha Viswanathan Prabhakaran WMIN 2012-07-24
Tony1 Tony Souter 2012-07-24
Thuvack WMZA 2012-07-24
MikyM Mile Kiš WMRS 2012-07-24
80686 Manuel Schneider WMAT 2013-08-31
Steven Zhang WMAU 2013-08-31
MADe Maarten D. WMZA 2013-08-31
Kevin Gorman ENWP 2013-08-31
Aegis Maelstrom Michał Buczyński WMPL 2013-08-31
Danny B. cs & sk sister projects 2013-08-31
Ilya WMUA 2013-08-31
My76Strat John Cline ENWP 2013-08-31
Léna WMFr 2014-04-01
ImperfectlyInformed ENWP 2014-04-01
Indexum ROWP 2014-04-01
Shipmaster ARWP 2014-04-01
Oop WMEE 2014-04-01
NLIGuy Ido WMIL 2012-07-24

Former members[edit]

User name Real name Affiliation Since To Note
Bduke WMAU 2011-06-03 2012-02-29 resigned
Harel WMIL 2011-06-03 2012-03-14 resigned
Isha WMAR 2011-06-03 2012-04-10 resigned
Marctaltor WMES 2011-06-03 2012-07-24
Mstislavl WMRU 2011-06-03 2013-01-02
Perohanych Yuri Perohanych WMUA 2012-07-24 2012-09-19 resigned due to joining the FDC
Abbasjnr Abbas WMKE 2011-06-03 2012-11-30
Sudhanwa Sudhanwa Jogalekar WMIN 2011-06-03 2013-02-18
Cindamuse 2012-07-24 2013-02-17 resigned due to current health concerns
KTC Katie Chan WMUK 2012-07-24 2013-02-27
Josepnogue Amical 2011-06-03 2013-03-30 inactive member removed per policy
Surya Prakash.S.A. 2012-07-24 2013-03-30 inactive member removed per policy
Wifione 2012-07-24 2013-03-30 inactive member removed per policy
Kirill Lokshin WMUS-DC 2012-07-24 2013-06-21
Notafish Delphine Ménard 2012-07-24 2013-06-?? resigned due to joining the FDC
TSB Thomas Souza-Buckup 2012-07-24 2013-11-15
ZeaForUs Klaas V ΩW 2013-08-31 2013-12-19 resigned
Frieda Frieda Brioschi WMIT 2013-08-31 2014-01-22 resigned
Itzike Itzik Edri WMIL 2012-07-24 2014-02-03 resigned


GAC members who have not engaged on any request for at least three months will be asked privately whether they're still interested in serving on the GAC or whether they would like to step down. GAC membership of those who do not step down but who remain inactive for another month will lapse and be terminated.

Interested in volunteering for the GAC?[edit]

  1. Review the membership criteria and make sure you meet them.
  2. Add your name to the candidates page. Ideally, also include a brief statement about your background and involvement demonstrating you meet the criteria. To comment on someone's candidacy, please use the talk page.
  3. Wait until new members are accepted.

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