100 Questions for Wikipedians

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Personal data[edit]

  1. When did you discover Wikipedia?
    • How?
  2. When did you make your first edit?
  3. What kind of edit was it? (correct typos, add data etc.)
  4. How long after your first edit was your first contribution of a new article?
  5. How many edits did you do until now? (You can include edits from another accounts or edits as an anonymous user)
  6. Do you use multiple accounts on the Wikipedia you use the most?
    • How many accounts do you have on that Wikipedia?
  7. What is your user name on Wikipedia?
  8. When did you first log onto Wikipedia?
  9. What made you register a username?
  10. What is merit of being a register user?
  11. What is demerit of being a register user?
  12. Have you used features only for registered users (except Watchlist)?
  13. Do you have your own blog or your website?
    • Do you write Wikipedia-related topics there frequently?


  1. How many edits do you make in a month?
  2. How many new articles do you create in a month?
  3. How many images do you upload in a month?
    • Under which license and to which project (Wikipedia or Commons) do you upload?
  4. During which hours do you do most of your editing?
  5. Do you do Wikipedia maintenance frequently?
  6. Do you use talk pages frequently?
  7. Do you keep a watchlist?
  8. Do you add interlang links and/or interwiki links? And how?
  9. Do you categorize articles?
  10. Do you add stub tags, if you find a stub?
  11. What do you do if you encounter a substub?
  12. Have you translated articles from other language projects?
    • Which languages?
  13. Has any of your contributions disappeared because of browser problems?
  14. Have you donated to Wikimedia Foundation?
  15. Have you bought any materials (books, magazine, movie etc.) as research prior to contributions to Wikipedia?
  16. Do you spend more time reading articles or authoring them?

Your field[edit]

  1. Tell us your best article work among your contributions.
  2. Is there any featured article(s) in your contributions?
  3. Is there any featured image(s) in your uploaded images (including on Commons)?
  4. In which fields are you active?
  5. Are there any active contributors in that field?
  6. To what degree do you know that field?
  7. What makes you have a special interest in that field?
  8. Have articles in that field a good quality?
  9. Is there a portal for that field?
  10. What improvement would you like to do in that field?
  11. Do you think it is good for Wikipedia to have articles on your field?
  12. Have you searched how frequently your articles were quoted?
  13. Do you think your edits improve Wikipedia?

Wikipedia from the view of a reader[edit]

  1. Do you read Wikipedia without editing?
    • For which purpose? (Examples: For information, for curiosity, for killing time etc.)
  2. Which article has been the most impressive among articles you have read?
  3. Have you believed an error that you read on Wikipedia?
  4. On which Wikipedia project do you have the biggest interest now?
  5. Does Wikipedia help you?

Administration and maintenance[edit]

  1. Do you know about administrators?
  2. Would you like to be an admin on your Wikipedia? Or you are already an admin?
  3. Is there any sysop privileges you would like to use?
    • If yes, what is it? Or for admins, which feature do you use most frequently?
  4. Have you been recommended to be an admin candidate?
    • If you were rejected, why?
  5. Would you like to be a bureaucrat? Or you are already so?
  6. Do you think administration is a heavy burden?
    • Why?
  7. What kind of administrative works or maintenance do you engage?
  8. Would you like to be a developer?
  9. Do you use Bugzilla, Wikitech-l, Wikipedia-l or similar mailinglist for Wikipedia administration?


  1. Can you refrain from editing a stub?
    • What is a stub in your definition?
  2. How many bytes is your stub limit?
  3. Can you refrain from editing a substub?
    • According to you, what is a substub?
  4. Do you consider yourself a stub creator?
  5. If you create an article and put no stub tab, and another editor comes along and tags it, with {{stub}}, does this annoy you?
  6. Has one of your articles been listed on Wikipedia:Clean-up or a similar page?
  7. Have your contributions been speedily deleted?
  8. Can you refrain from editing an unwikified article?
  9. Can you refrain from editing an article that doesn't attest its notability?
  10. Can you refrain from editing an article that lacks interlang links?
  11. Are you, in fact, a Wikiholic?


  1. Do you love Wikipedia?
  2. What kind of vision do you have on Wikipedia? Is it optimistic or pessimistic?
  3. Do you join other Wikimedia project than Wikipedia, such as Wiktionary?
  4. Do you join any online community related to Wikipedia, like IRC or a bulletine board?
  5. What are your most frequently visiting online community?
  6. Have you ever attended Wiki-meetups?
  7. Will you attend the next Wikimania?
  8. Do you expect Wikimania will be held in your country?
  9. Do you join multiple Wikipedias besides the one in your mother tongue?


  1. Do you think you understand the GFDL perfectly?
  2. Do you use CSS?