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Installing Wiki Edu's Course Dashboards on Wikiversity[edit]

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T111630
  • Wikiversity hosts a number of resources that do not fit into the paradigm of a Wikipedia encyclopedia article.
  • These resources should be developed by students under the supervision of qualified instructors.
  • There are no immediate plans to permit the installation of Wiki Edu Dashboards software required for the w:Wikipedia:Education program, (per Phabricator:T111630)
Who would benefit

Instructors and their students would be the primary beneficiaries. But all Wikiversity users would benefit from the increased quality of Wikiversity resources. Even the editors of Wikipedia science articles would benefit because it is common for well-intentioned editors to attempt to turn encylopedic articles into lesson plans.

How is the problem being addressed now?

A number of colleges are attempting to use Wikiversity to host courses in which students contribute to Wikiversity. The following colleges either are, or recently have incorporated Wikiversity into their writing assignments:

  • Wright State University Lake Campus (user:Guy vandegrift)
  • Howard Community College
  • University of Florida
  • Harper College (User:Dave Braunschweig)
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • University of Canberra (User:Jtneill)
  • University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • La Trobe University
Proposed solution
  • Address any necessary security issues in the Wiki Edu Dashboards, and
  • Install the outreach:Education extension on Wikiversity.
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