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{{:Steward requests/Speedy deletions/Bot-reported/Header}}
{{:Steward requests/Speedy deletions/Bot-reported/Header}}
* {{msd-link|ml.wikipedia|വിക്കിവാർത്തകൾ}}
*: nonsense - IRC user Quentinv57 20:56, 26 August 2010 (UTC)
* {{msd-link|es.wikibooks|150300004006}}
* {{msd-link|es.wikibooks|150300004006}}
*: nonsense - IRC user Hoo-man 21:11, 25 August 2010 (UTC)
*: nonsense - IRC user Hoo-man 21:11, 25 August 2010 (UTC)

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This section is for reports filed via Kimberley-nia Bot on the SWMT's IRC channel #cvn-sw (bot's irc nick is Dellieplagiat). They are submitted on this subpage. Please watch this page separately if you are a steward, a global sysop, or a local administrator.

It is possible to manually edit this list if you follow the bot's formatting. If you feel a request is inappropriate, please remove the lines containing that request entirely. (Leaving comments, modifying the header line, and striking out reports will confuse the bot.)

Example for the correct formatting:

* {{msd-link|ie.wikipedia|Talk:Europa}}
*: spam - IRC user DerHexer ~~~~~

Properly-filed requests that point to pages that have already been deleted or do not exist will be automatically removed by the bot. Note: It is unnecessary to remove requests for wikis where local admins "can handle it by themselves". If that is really so, the pages will surely be deleted within a small period of time and then be automatically removed from the list by the bot.