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You may know that we've been building the Wikifunctions UX with the frontend framework Vue.js since we started.

Vue.js has been selected as the frontend framework for all future Wikimedia development efforts, and we've been enjoying the benefits of the framework's design.

We wanted to share with you that we've extended the team with support from two people from the consultancy This Dot for the next several months. They will both be working part time with the Abstract Wikipedia team on Wikifunctions, helping us to develop a high performance and scalable Vue.js UI layer. They may also support other teams with Vue related auditing and support as needed.

Simone and Lindsay have been onboarding over the last two weeks, and we're most thankful for their expertise. In their own words:


Simone is a self taught developer currently living in Wales (UK), but originally from sunny Naples (Italy). He studied business and management, obtaining a degree at Swansea University in 2011, but quickly fell in love with developers.

Simone started his career as a Junior Software Engineer in 2012, and has since then progressed to become a Consultant working at This Dot helping creating high performance teams, mentoring developers across the globe, providing corporate training and supporting apprentices in their first steps of their IT career.

During his career Simone has gained experience in many technologies (both frontend and backend), but he has recently found his framework of choice in VueJS, where he is a very active community member.

Simone's free time is spent with his lovely family, building with legos, or cooking some delicious Italian food. When the kids are in bed, he also likes to write blog posts and material for the .Net Magazine, and join numerous online meetups and conferences like vuemeetup.com and JavaScript Marathon.

Simone wanted to share this message with everyone:

"I have a very positive attitude in solving complex problems and always see the glass half full. My wife usually says that my eyes really look at the world differently. This 'can do' attitude has helped me since the day I decided to move to the UK with just 170£ in my pocket, and it has been my best companion ever since. I like to invest any time I have to help people that are trying to get into development and help them change their lives."


Lindsay is a full stack Software Engineer at This Dot from Portland, OR. She has always had a passion for web development, building community sites and projects with PHP. She started her career as an IT professional in 2015, but in 2017, she switched career paths from IT administration to development. She focused on learning Vue.js and Node, while exploring the greater development community around them. Her curiosity drives her to continue learning new languages and frameworks, and applying that knowledge in her work.

Lindsay graduated from Western Governors University in 2020 with a Bachelor's in Software Development, with a focus on C# applications. In previous projects, Lindsay has worked across the development stack, including on the database, backend services with many different languages, and frontend with tools like React and Vue.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family, writing, singing, and building the occasional side project. Lindsay previously performed with a community choir, and still likes to keep up her singing voice. Lindsay also has a passion for science fiction and fantasy, and enjoys both writing and reading as much as time allows. She is also a host on the podcast Views on Vue, a show focused on the community surrounding the Vue.js framework.

Please join us in welcoming Simone and Lindsay!

The Abstract Wikipedia Team