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Welcome, Luca!

This week we are happy to welcome Luca Martinelli on the team!

Here is Luca's introduction in his own words:

Hello, I’m Luca (aka Sannita). I've been a Wikipedian since Jan 15, 2006 (yep, it’s been 16 years!), and also a Wikidatan since the inception of the project back in 2012. I also served as a Board member for Wikimedia Italy from 2014 to 2017.

I was born in Benevento, Italy, but moved to Rome when I was almost 17. I have lived there since (except for a year abroad in wonderful Ljubljana, Slovenia), as well as working there as journalist and communications manager.

From 2014 to 2019, I worked as webmaster and later Wikipedian in Residence at the Central Institute for the Union Catalog, that manages Italy’s National Library Service (SBN). Finally, I joined Wikimedia Foundation in January 2021 as a contractor, first working on the Universal Code of Conduct, then as a Community Relations Specialist.

In my free time, I enjoy mostly watching movies or series, reading or spending time with my friends. I also enjoyed traveling around the world, attending Wikimania and/or other wiki-related events (and waiting to start doing it again).

Luca will work together with Quiddity on Community Communications (both part-time), strengthening our team's capacity here and covering more time zones. As the launch of Wikifunctions comes closer, it is important that we have sufficient resources available to support the new community that will emerge around Wikifunctions. Starting a new project is something the Wikimedia movement does rarely, and we believe that the initial start of a community has a long-term effect on how the project and the community will evolve. You can find Luca on the wikis as User Sannita.

We are very excited to have Luca on board, and invite you to give him a warm welcome!