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Adiutor/Adapt to the local wiki/Localization documentation/Gadget-Adiutor-CSD.json

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This JSON file contains configuration data for the Adiutor tool's speedy deletion reasons for various namespaces on your wiki. These settings allow you to customize the reasons for which pages, files, categories, and other elements can be quickly deleted on your wiki.


  • speedyDeletionReasons: This section defines the different namespaces and the reasons for speedy deletion within each namespace.
    • name: The name of the namespace.
    • namespace: The numeric ID of the namespace.
    • reasons: An array of specific speedy deletion reasons within this namespace.
      • namespace: The numeric ID of the namespace for the reason.
      • value: A unique identifier for the reason.
      • data: A link to the relevant page describing the deletion criteria.
      • selected: Indicates whether this reason is selected by default (true or false).
      • label: The label displayed for the reason in the Adiutor tool.
  • csdTemplateStart and csdTemplateEnd: These define the templates used to start and end the deletion request on the page.
  • reasonAndSeperator: Specifies the separator used between multiple deletion reasons.
  • speedyDeletionPolicyLink and speedyDeletionPolicyPageShortcut: Provide links to the speedy deletion policy on your wiki.
  • apiPostSummaryforTalkPage: Summary text for the talk page when a page is deleted.
  • apiPostSummaryforLog: Summary text for the deletion log entry.
  • apiPostSummary: Summary text for the deletion request.
  • csdNotificationTemplate: Template used for notifying users about deletion requests.
  • talkPagePrefix, userPagePrefix, and userTalkPagePrefix: Define prefixes for various types of pages.
  • localLangCode: The language code for your wiki.
  • singleReasonSummary and multipleReasonSummary: Summary text for single and multiple deletion reasons.
  • csdCategoryForBatchDeletion: The category to which batch deletion requests are added.


You can utilize the parameters within this file, which include:
  • $1: page name
  • $2: reason/reasons.


This file allows you to customize and manage the speedy deletion process on your wiki using the Adiutor tool, tailoring it to your specific deletion criteria and workflow.
Please feel free to refer to this documentation when configuring the "Gadget-Adiutor-CSD.json" file on your wiki. If you have any further questions or need assistance with specific settings, don't hesitate to ask.