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Adler is a Wikimedia server. As of September 2005, it is a slave database server. It was named after the encyclopedist Mortimer Adler.



  • 2 x Opteron 250 2.5 GHz Processors
  • 16GB DDR400 (PC3200) RAM
  • 6 x Seagate Cheetah 73GB Hard Disks
    • SCSI Connection
    • Configured to RAID 0



September 2005[edit]

In early September 2005, Adler suffered several major disk failures, causing it to fail overall. As Adler was then the master database server, this had the immediate effect of making all Wikimedia Foundation web sites unavailable. As a replacement measure, the database was locked, and Adler was taken out of load-balancing. It was found that the failure had occurred between replication transactions. Samuel was promoted to master database server; the other slave servers were updated to point to Samuel, and the databases were unlocked. Upon Adler's repair, it was set as a slave to Samuel.

The server has also experienced hardware failure in late September 2005.