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Your admin status[edit]

Hello. I'm a steward. A new policy regarding the removal of "advanced rights" (administrator, bureaucrat, etc.) was adopted by community consensus recently. According to this policy, the stewards are reviewing administrators' activity on wikis with no inactivity policy.

You meet the inactivity criteria (no edits and no log actions for 2 years) on xxwiki, where you are (an administrator / a bureaucrat / a bureaucrat and administrator). Since that wiki does not have its own administrators' rights review process, the global one applies.

If you want to keep your rights, you should inform the community of the wiki about the fact that the stewards have sent you this information about your inactivity. If the community has a discussion about it and then wants you to keep your rights, please contact the stewards at m:Stewards' noticeboard, and link to the discussion of the local community, where they express their wish to continue to maintain the rights, and demonstrate a continued requirement to maintain these rights.

Nós stewards avaliaremos as respostas. Se não houver resposta depois de aproximadamente de um mês, removeremos os seus direitos administrativos. Em casos de dúvidas, avaliaremos as respostas e deixaremos a decisão à comunidade local para o seu comentário e revisão. Se tiver alguma dúvida, por favor contacte-nos em m:Stewards' noticeboard.

Atenciosamente, (assinatura).