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Compiled list of wikis with admin review processes[edit]

This list was originally compiled at Talk:Requests for comment/Activity levels of advanced administrative rights holders as part of the RFC process. If your community has developed or revoked a review process, please add them here and consider adding a link to your local community process and a permalink to the decision in the edit summary. Please also leave a note on Stewards' noticeboard pointing to your change on this page.

Special provision rights[edit]

Multilingual projects[edit]


  • cs.wikibooks policy: removal after 6 months without logged action
  • en.wikibooksExpectations (permissions for administrators, bureaucrats, and checkusers may be removed when minimum activity expectations are not met, one month after notifying the person and the community. Inactive bots may have permissions removed at bureaucrats discretion)
  • es.wikibooksInactivity policy (any administrator, bureaucrat, checkuser or oversighter which has gone inactive for a continued period of two years will have all permissions removed. Inactivity is no edits and no log actions for that 2 years period)
  • fr.wikibooksInactivity policy of one year
  • ja.wikibooks — annual reconfirmations (policy)
  • nl.wikibooksInactief, policy: removal procedure starts after 12 months of inactivity
  • sv.wikibooksInactivity policy, one year.
  • vi.wikibooks has a recall process for inactive administrators. However, only one user has ever been given permanent rights; the rest are given temporary rights by Meta stewards.




  • cs.wikiquote policy: removal after 6 months without logged action
  • en.wikiquote has no automatic review of inactivity, but has a Vote of Confidence process.
  • de.wikiquote policy: removal after one year of inactivity and no response within 2 weeks after notification
  • fi.wikiquote policy: sysop status will be removed after one year of total inactivity (i.e. no edits or log actions in the last 12 months).
  • it.wikiquote policy: sysop status will be removed after two years of total inactivity (i.e. no edits or log actions in the last 24 months).
  • pl.wikiquote policy: after the vote.
  • sk.wikiquote policy


  • bn.wikisource policy : removal after 1 year, if not active, minimum 100 editcount/year.
  • cs.wikisource policy: removal after 6 months without logged action
  • en.wikisource: annual confirmation process s:Wikisource:Restricted access policy
  • fi.wikisource: policy: removal after 2 years of no administrative actions (in the log)
  • it.wikisource policy: removal after 1 year without any logged edit.
  • nl.wikisource policy: every sysop loses his rights after having less than 20 edits over a period of 12 months.
  • pl.wikisource: removal after 12 months of inactivity s:pl:Wikiźródła:Odbieranie uprawnień
  • sr.wikisource policy
  • sv.wikisource inactivity policy: removal after 1 year of inactivity on every Wikimedia projects.


  • de.wikiversity: loss of rights after one year with under 10 edits. Inactivity rules
  • ja.wikiversity: annual reconfirmations (policy)



  • cs.wiktionary policy: removal after 6 months without logged action
  • fr.wiktionary policy: automatic removal after 2 years without any activity (policy)
  • ja.wiktionary: Administrators are re-elected or de-sysop'ed annually (policy). Automatic removal may take place after 3-month inactivity with no local edits, though it is rarely enforced (policy).
  • li.wiktionary: can only be removed by vote (policy)
  • mr.wiktionary: removal after 6 years of inactivity; subject to the condition that minimum one Marathi language sysop has to remain there at mr-wikiprojects for ever, in such cases inactive sysop/beurocrat can be removed only after either an old one comes back or a new one joins in; and that the project indipendance can not be compromised on this count. Minimum activity is defined as minimum one edit or one admin action.
  • pl.wiktionary policy: removal after RFC
  • pt.wiktionary: inactive administrators lose their rights after 6 months with less than 10 edits per month. The user can request their tools back without the need of a new vote if they wish to return to activity (policy).
  • mw:Project:Requests/RfC/Removal of inactive sysops