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Advisory Board/Volunteerism

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Group report: Angela Beesley, Mako Hill, Erik Möller, Achal Prabhala

Mainly a collection of ideas on how to increase volunteer participation in WM:

  • Better cross-networking of projects
    • Concrete outcome: get in one click from any project to other projects
  • Clearly highlight volunteer participation opportunities, both on the level of projects & organization / mission-related activities; modeled after "Contribute to Ubuntu" wiki page.
  • Facilitate project teams beyond the rather heavyweight structure of chapters (WikiTeams)
    • Encourage free association in different forms: around topics, goals, projects, regions, languages
    • Concrete outcome: "One local team in countries with >1000 contributors"
    • Low overhead reporting (e.g. blogging requirement)
  • Collect data-set of contributors and reader patterns
    • Where do people come from, which articles do they read, etc.?
  • "Volunteer drive" analogous to fundraising drive
  • Team info packages
  • Third party info packages
  • Speaker coordination database
  • Contract clauses for third parties that require WP documentation
  • Newsletter-equivalent communications technology for informing users about volunteer opportunities