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Mallory Knodel

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I'm very happy to have come across this opportunity, albeit a bit too close to the nominations deadline to organize endorsements. Working more closely with the Wikimedia Foundation is essential for my work to promote liberatory and sustainable technology and the information commons. Becoming a leader along with the other Trustees is a highly effective way to achieve that. I recently heard Sue Gardner speak at LibrePlanet in Boston last weekend and I strengthened my resolve.

Wikimedia has changed the world, not just because of it's technology and not just because it's a good idea and people like it. But also because of its enduring vision and mission. I support this mission and my extensive experience in social movements gives me insight into how best to achieve it.

I have experience with complex governance structures comprised of volunteers, staff and organisational affiliates alike. I have worked in multilingual and multicultural environments for many years and I'm an advocate for linguistic diversity not only for end users or external audiences, but as an inclusive process.

Board cycles are designed to bring in new experts and advocates, of which I am certainly one. Without having served on Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees previously, I do not claim a specific agenda. But I do claim a passionate commitment to ensuring the success and influence of the Wikimedia Foundation, which in my opinion is a shining representative of the entire, global free culture and free/libre software family.


Since the beginning of 2012, I've been the communications and network development manager for the Association for Progressive Communications. And since 2008 I've been a member of May First/People Link and on MFPL's leadership committee. I integrate a human rights, people-centered approach to communications and technology work for social movements around the world.

Originally from the US but living in Quebec, I have worked with grassroots organisations around the world in Bolivia, France, Palestine, UK. I've used free software professionally for over 10 years and considers myself a "radical technologist," specializing in cybersecurity. My background in community organizing with social justice groups also extends beyond a decade.

In addition to working as a technologist and communications specialist, I taught high school physics (New York), co-owned an independent bookstore, Bluestockings, and lead the all-volunteer, national technology team for the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit.


I am eligible to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation.

— Mallory Knodel