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Affiliations Committee/Pipeline

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This is a copy of an internal Affiliations Committee document detailing the process of handling chapter approvals.

This page is supposed to indicate the different steps involved in the approval process, starting at First Contact, ending with the post-approval guidance and admission to mailing lists etc. Please add steps and templates as you like.

First Contact[edit]


  • giving advice, rounding up people
  • Gather information, ask questions
  • Update [[Wikimedia Chapters|meta]
  • Fill out as much as possible the empty fields of the chapters page on this wiki
  • Mentors?

Basic estimates[edit]

  • Make an estimate if they mean well
  • Make an estimate if they can become a sustainable group
  • Check how well they fit the minimal requirements


  • Advice on writing them
  • Point them to examples
  • Make them publish them on meta
  • read drafts, advice
  • Approval


  • Judge once more whether they are viable
  • Judge once more if they mean well
  • Judge the contents of the bylaws
  • Draft resolution
  • Vote
  • Forward to the board
  • Update meta

Post approval[edit]

  • Announce result to group and through meta
  • Await formal founding
  • after founding: get them in touch with list administrators internal-l and chapters-l (see also Post-approval checklist#mailing lists)
  • Update on the chapters reports list