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Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Standard of participation – September 2012/da

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Whereas the Affiliations Committee is a working committee that requires the active participation of its members,

Whereas a need for a standard of participation has arisen, therefore be it

Resolved that the Standards of Participation described hereafter are adopted,

Further resolved that all periods referred to in the standards apply starting the adoption of the present resolution,


  • Chair: The chairperson or as required, the vice chairperson of the Committee, as defined in the Committee's Charter (Membership/6.)
  • Member: Voting member of the Committee, as defined in the Committee's Charter (Membership/1.)
  • Adviser: Non-voting members and board liaisons of the Commitee, as defined in the Committee's Charter (Membership/1.) and Rules of Procedure (I/5.)
  • Suspended member: A member whose voting privileges are temporarily suspended, as outlined in this standard.

Standards for members

Minimum standard of Committee activity for members:

  • Voting on Committee resolutions during the set voting period of seven (7) days
  • Participation in Committee mailing list discussions

Normal standard of Committee participation for members:

  • Handling at least one (1) affiliate application as chief contact person per year
  • Active participation in Committee meetings

Advisers are recommended to participate in the mailing list discussions and to bring to the attention of the Committee any issue or proposal that pertains to their relevant field of expertise.

Voluntary suspension of membership

  • Any member can announce a suspension of his membership to the chair of the Committee for a maximum period of three months. After the period is over, the member has a choice to return to being an active member or resign being a voting member.
  • Suspended members are considered non-voting members, and their voice doesn't count towards majority requirements for resolutions.
  • Suspended members can continue to participate in mailing list discussions.
  • A suspended member can resume his full membership before the end of his suspension period by an announcement addressed to the chair of the Committee.

Lapsing of membership

  • If a member fails to vote on Committee resolutions on two subsequent occasions he or she is asked privately by the chair to provide an explanation and an assurance of future participation. If the member continues to miss out a further resolution, his membership is considered to be lapsed and the chair will cause his name to be removed from the membership roll.
  • If a member fails to meet the normal standard of participation for four months (for example, fails to participate in discussions or refuses/ignores requests to handle incoming requests), the chair will privately ask the member if he or she wishes to resign or to resume his membership. If the member continues to be inactive in the next month, his membership is considered to be lapsed and the chair will cause his name to be removed from the membership roll.
  • In case the chair fails to meet the above standards the vice-chair will take appropriate action as described above.
  • Members, office holders and advisers may voluntarily resign their mandate at any time if they feel they are unable to actively participate in the work of the Committee.


Resolution passed med 7 stemmer for, 0 stemmer imod, 0 abstentions, 3 stemmer ikke givet, den 25 September 2012.