Africa Day Campaign 2023 in Rwanda

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Africa Day Campaign Banner
Africa Day Campaign Banner
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    Africa Day Campaign in Rwanda[edit]

    Africa Day Campaign Day 2023 Rwanda

    Welcome to the Africa Wiki Challenge in Rwanda. The main objective of this campaign is to bridge the information gap about the continent by creating high-quality content that accurately reflects its culture, heritage, people, and all other relevant information. Without African knowledge and narratives created by Africans, we are prevented from experiencing an accurate representation of our world, our people, our languages, and from being able to contribute to developing this.

    This year’s edition is under the theme ‘Africa Continental Free Trade’. This seeks to provide a unique opportunity to document Africa's stories and promote the benefits of free trade.

    The content will be improved on Wikipedia and on others Wikimedia's sisters projects: Wikidata , Wikiquote ....

    Local Organisers[edit]

    Campaign timeline[edit]

    Opening ceremoiny: 1st June 2023

    Closing day : 20th June 2023

    Theme: Africa Continental Free Trade

    Topic Focus

    During this contest we are going to focus on the following topics:

    • Jobs/Employments opportunities and challenges in Africa
    • Types of trades in Africa
    • Organizations in Africa promoting trade and investment in Africa
    • Africa Currencies
    • Financial Institutions in Africa
    • Investors in Africa
    • Innovations from Africa generating revenues
    • Businesses
    • Transportation systems
    • Africa economies
    • Trade Infrastructure Industrialisation in Africa
    • Consumer Electronics Manufacturing companies in Africa
    • Commercial Real Estates in Africa
    • Fast Food Restaurants
    • Apparel Manufacturing companies in Africa
    • Coal Mining
    • Tourism in Africa
    • Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing
    • Inventions from Africa
    • Technologies that facilitate trade
    • Internet interoperability in Africa
    • Africa Entrepreneurs
    • Globalization in Africa
    • Africa Trade agreements
    • Challenges around the Africa Continental Free Trade
    • Women and Youth in Trade
    • Digital Trade Protocols

    The Report[edit]

    Here you have the link of activities report and financial report

    NB: Kindly note that this report must be submitted by 30th June 2023

    • Community Name: Wikimedia Community User group Rwanda
    • Title of your event: Africa Day Campaign in Rwanda
    • click here to see project dashboard
    • Start Date: 20th May 2023
    • End Date: 20th June 2023
    • Activities organized (pls list all) :
      • 1st June 2023: Opening ceremony event
      • 10th June 2023: An online edithathon
      • 12th July 2023: Closing ceremony and gift giving ceremonies

    Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

    Yes, we absolutely achieved the goal we had an overall of 530 Articles created, and 809 articles improved. Yes I am very happy with how the project event went, we only used 20 days to achieve to this amazing results, For sure the big gap we have on wikipedia has been reduced because of the above contribution,


    Please report on the original project targets seen below assigned to each community from the campaign start. You could refer to the meta page if need be. There is no pressure on this. We just would like to find out about your achieved outcomes and what helped you achieve them or hindrances in achieving less.

    Campaign Target Outcome Achieved Outcome Explanation
    New Article Created 530 During the campaign we successfully achieved the creation 530 articles
    Article Improved 809 During the campaign we successfully achieved the improved 809 articles
    Images uploaded to commons. 6 During the campaign we successfully achieved the 6 uploads

    Top contributors:

    • 1st winner: User : abatagatifuu
    • 2nd Winner: User: Renov

    3rd winner: User: giseletuy


    Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the campaign organizers learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

    • What worked well? this project was very fun and interesting, it was another time for us to share experience and knowledge through the wiki projects. The organizing team was really happy that participants were happy and ready to bring their contribution, they were very happy with the Project Theme: AFRICA CONTINENTAL FREE TRADE and the provided list of topics to focus on, they said that it was easy to contribute...
    • What did not work so well? Women contribution still very low , We didn't have a contribution to other languages ( English, French) contributors still have fear to bring their contribution their because of speed deletion or usernames blockage
    • What would you do differently next time? We plan to encourage more women to participate and take responsibility and encourage them to diversify languages to which the contribute to such as French , English and Swahili

    What retention engagement strategy or framework did you implement in your campaign?

    • Pairing new editors with experienced ones to learn from each other.
    • We came up with a list of possible articles that could be explored before starting contributions.
    • We run follow up events or 1 on 1 support to keep everyone on track.
    • We provided in-kind appreciations such as posting participants who are progressing to encourage and motivate others.

    Please share the Wikimedia projects impacted, language Wikipedia impacted, meta page, outreach dashboard, and link of event photos on Wikimedia Commons.


    Please tell us how you conducted outreach for the campaign in your community. This could be a television show/talk, podcast, article or news publication and the links to such activity. Given your knowledge of the audience base of such a channel, how many people would you estimate were reached through the outreach activity?


    Grant Funds Spent

    Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

    Financial Report[edit]

    Description Unit price Quantity Total Frws
    Internet connection and data vouchers for participants 16950 15 254250
    Transportation subsidy for participants closing ceremony and gifts giving to participants 11300 10 113000
    Data and transport subsidy for Facilitators 16950 3 50850
    Rental of a space to organize an edit-a-thon 79100 1 79100
    Gifts for participants 11300 10 113000
    Food and tea break   15$/ per for 10 participants  during  Closing ceremonie and Award giving 169500 1 169500
    Marketing material (banner  ,Flyer design) 56500 1 56500
    T shirt 11300 10 113000
    Rental of a projector 33900 1 33900
    Advert and publicity 28250 1 28250
    Jury gift 33900 3 101700
    Miscellaneous and contingency funds 0 0 0
    Total 1113050

    Remaining funds

    Do you have any remaining grant funds?

    No remaining amount, we applied for microgrant  1500$ and received 970$ , we did our best to reajust the budget, we did exchange on the ate of  1$ = 1130Frws which means that we used the total of 970$ X 1130= 1,096,100Frs and the total amount we spent= 1,113,050 Frs, the difference of 16,950Frs was covered by the project organizers, and it was well done.

    Anything else

    Anything else you want to share about your project? This project theme was very nice,  and easy to find articles to work on and   I am sure that the gap of “Africa Continental Free trade “ on Wikipedia has been reduced,