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Africa Wiki Challenge

Africa is undoubtedly bestowed with a tremendous and beautiful culture. Despite the fact that every country has its unique way of living, we are consolidated by our poetic culture and driven by inspiration from each other. Are you content with how Africa’s culture is being represented on the web?? How do you feel when you surf the internet to look for information on certain elements of our culture and find close to nothing?? This is the perfect opportunity to help bridge the content gap about Africa on the web, specifically Wikipedia.


The theme, Africa’s culture, solicits written content on the diverse significant elements that constitute the African culture. The campaign will also encourage visualization of these articles by adding/uploading photos, audio or videos. Such components of interest include:

  • Ethnic groups - Traditional groups or societies like Ga Adangbe tribe of Ghana, Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania and more.
  • Festivals in Africa - Festival celebrations like the Homowo festival in Ghana, the Sango Fire festival in Nigeria, and Umkhosi Mhlanga in South Africa and more.
  • Food - Elements of African food like recipes, foodstuffs, the origin of food, traditional food, and more.
  • Marriages- Components of African marriage like marriage ceremonies, marriage process, traditional marriages, marriage rites and more
  • Rites of passage- Diverse African rites like birth rites, puberty rites, funeral rites, and more.

Currently, only about 5% of the content on English Wikipedia is about Africa.

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AWC 2022 Launch- 27th May, 2022 12:00 UTC

  • Date: 27th May, 2022
  • Time: 12:00 UTC
  • Venue: Zoom
  • Who can participate?: Anyone interested


IMPORTANT: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this campaign will be fully virtual. Please note that the threat of contracting COVID-19 is still present globally and we encourage participants to exercise EXTREME CAUTION. Do not attend in-person events or take photographs anywhere without a mask. We would prefer that you use images from your archive or as you go about your daily practices. Please do not place yourself (or any person with you) at risk or in danger. #staysafe.