Afroyanga Bootcamp

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The Afroyanga 1.0 Bootcamp, developed by African & Proud (AP), is a physical capacity-building conference held in Nigeria, with participants from various states across the country. This bootcamp is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute effectively to Wikimedia Foundation projects while also focusing on personal development and networking opportunities.


The primary objectives of Afroyanga 1.0 Bootcamp include:

  • Providing comprehensive training on Wikimedia Foundation projects.
  • Facilitating networking and connections among participants from diverse backgrounds.
  • Enhancing soft skills, including facilitation, emotional intelligence, proactivity, and LinkedIn profile building.
  • Utilizing Wikipedia as a valuable resource for personal and professional growth.

Event Details[edit]

  • Date: September, 2023
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Afroyanga 1.0 Bootcamp welcomes participants from different states in Nigeria, representing a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. The common denominator among all participants is their shared interest in editing or learning how to edit Wikimedia Foundation projects.

Program Highlights[edit]

The bootcamp features an enriching program with the following key elements:

1. Wikimedia Foundation Projects Training[edit]

Participants will receive comprehensive training on various Wikimedia Foundation projects, including but not limited to Wikipedia, WikiQuote, Wikibooks. The training will equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute effectively to these projects.

2. Networking and Connection[edit]

The bootcamp provides a unique opportunity for participants to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Guest speakers, including young professionals and entrepreneurs, will share their insights and experiences.

3. Soft Skills Development[edit]

Participants will engage in workshops focused on soft skills development, including:

  • Facilitation techniques (utilizing the Six Thinking Hats method)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Proactivity
  • Building a compelling LinkedIn profile and acquiring basic digital skills

4. Navigating Conflicts in Online Collaborations – A Guide for Wikimedia Contributors[edit]

Topics to be Covered:

  • Types of Online Conflicts
  • Communication Skills
  • Utilizing Wikimedia Tools and resources available on Wikimedia for conflict resolution, such as discussion pages, edit summaries, and third-party intervention.
  • Case Studies
  • Handling Emotional Triggers
  • Creating a Positive Online Culture


Upon successful completion of the Afroyanga 1.0 Bootcamp, each participant will receive a certificate of participation. Furthermore, participants will be onboarded as Afroyanga Fellows, joining a community of enthusiastic Wikimedia contributors and personal development enthusiasts.


The Afroyanga 1.0 Bootcamp is a pioneering initiative that combines capacity building, networking, and personal development in the context of Wikimedia Foundation projects. It serves as a platform for individuals in Nigeria to enhance their skills, connect with peers, and contribute to the Wikimedia community while also improving their soft skills and digital presence.