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Monthly report
February 2017
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of February 2017

Community support[edit]

Community support

Volunteer led projects supported by Amical[edit]

Workshops, follow ups and internal training[edit]

Note: Some follow up meetings in real life are kept in private and not included in this report for respecting lower voices.
  • February 10 - In person follow up meeting with user TaronjaSatsuma - Kippelboy Barcelona
  • February 10 - In person meeting with Katherine in Barcelona - Kippelboy



Ongoing courses[edit]

Outreach, workshops & events[edit]

  • February XX - IES Terres de Ponent, Mollerussa (60 students) - ESM
  • February 9 - New Wikpedia Course on English Wikipedia with Digital Culture Students from ESADE - Kippelboy
  • February 20 - New course on Social movements at Autonomous University of Barcelona - Kippelboy
  • February 23 - Girona Conservatoire editathon - Davidpar
  • February 24 - Kick off of a new edition of the IFMUC (musicologist) course at the Autonomous University of Barcelona - Kippelboy


  • February 8 - Meeting with ESMUC to prepare editathon - Kippelboy
  • February 8 - Meeting with ESADE to talk about possible collaborations - Kippelboy
  • February 24 - Meeting with UAB Communication Vice Dean to schedule a new wikproject centered in OER. - Kippelboy



During February we got an interesting donation on 3D reproductions of an historical site and also attended the GLAMwiki meeting in Paris.

Ongoing projects[edit]

Outreach, campaigns & events[edit]

  • Feb 3 - Wikipedia Workshop for Sabadell Library Network professionals - Kippelboy
  • Feb 15-17- Attending the 2017 European GLAMWiki meeting at UNESCO HQs - Kippelboy
  • February 22- Conference on the Future of Public Libraries in Lleida - Kippelboy
  • Feb 14- Content donation of 3D reproduction of Archeological site (Ullastret) (gallery)- Kippelboy


  • Feb 1 - Meeting with History Museum in Girona to talk about a new WiR project - Kippelboy
  • Feb 5-6 - FABER meeting to prepare a new project on FAKE news and Journalism - Kippelboy
  • Feb 13- Meeting with Catalan Heritage board representative - Kippelboy
  • Feb 15 - Meeting with Linguistic Policy Department - barcelona
  • Feb 23- Meeting with Public Libraries network (Follow up) - Kippelboy
  • Feb 23 - Meeting with Catalan Association of Museologists (recommendations on OER and licensing) - Kippelboy

Content projects[edit]

Content Projects

During February we focused in the Intercultur challenge, a project co-organised with Wikimedia Spain. The cultural aspects of a language are fundamental because the cultural heritage that a large part of societies receive from the past is vertebrate through their language. This is the main motivation for Intercultur, a public writing contest that seeks to make visible the cultural heritage through the lingüistic variety existing in Spain. It consists of translating existing articles into the languages ​​spoken in Spain, so at the end of the contest all articles provided in a single language are translated into nine. The suggested articles should be provided by the community of Wikipedians existing in those languages, as a way of translating into them the cultural heritage of their linguistic domain.

Writing challenges[edit]



Knowledge, Outreach & Awareness[edit]


Media coverage[edit]