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June 2015
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Welcome to Amical Wikimedia monthly report of June 2015


Celebrating Music Day with an All Sister projects Wikifest
Music is a universal language and everyone has a favorite song or composer. That is why we believe that everyone can contribute to improving the music content on Wikipedia and its sister projects. So we organized a special day on June 21 that took place at the Auditorium of Barcelona. Music is a so large field that a day is completely impossible to cover it all. Everyone relates to music in a different way. That is why the proposal of the day is to try to achieve several small challenges that brings us closer to the world of music.

It was therefore be much more than an edit-a-thon, it was a wikifestival like the major musical events. We realized that the collaborative principle that lies at the basis of everything we do, because we believe that adding the collective effort, adding small and unique pieces, we would improve the final result. It was the first time that all the sister projects with a Catalan version worked simultaneously for a common goal, making more real the term brothers and surpassing the individual projects and competitions. Throughout the day we wrote, took photographs and edited on topics related to music, in a pioneering and ambitious initiative. Participants could register for one or more of the nine existing challenges and change the group during the day if they wanted. More than 30 people attended and we got the 3 main responsibles for music in the city (Director of Music Museum, director of Music School and Director of Auditorium) all 3 editing Wikipedia!! Official page here (with a summarized English version available)

L'Hemisfèric, València

Promoting Save FoP Campaign
Amical Wikimedia and Catalan Wikimedians community have been actively promoting the Save Freedom of Panorama initiative. Amical sent a letter to all the Catalan-speaking MEPs exhorting them to save freedom of panorama. We get several media mentions. details here

Representation of a Roman eslave in a market.

Another year of Roman illustrations for Wikipedia
Amical Wikimedia in collaboration with Escola d'Art i Disseny a Tarragona (School of Art and Design in Tarragona) and Museu Nacional Arqueològic de Tarragona (National Archeological Museum of Tarragona) has succesfully finished another academic course of the WikiArS initiave. This course we had even more students with intership (6 in total), during the course these students have drawed, with the scientific advice of the museum and from their teachers of the school, illustrations of Roman women and architecture of "villas". All the works produced are going to be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons so we can illustrate with a 100% scientific scope articles about ancient Roman.

Ongoing programmes & projects[edit]

Here you have a list of all the ongoing programs/projects that Amical is promoting during 2015.




Here you have a list of all the educational projects Amical is actually promoting, sorted by University

Other educational centers[edit]



Participants at Edit-a-thon in Institut Botànic de Barcelona


June 20 - Workship in Quart de Poblet. Pacopac TaronjaSatsuma

  • June 2 - Meeting with CCCB (Barcelona Contemporay Culture Center) for preparing our joint educational project 2015-2016. KippelboyBarcelona
  • June 11 - Meeting with Mataró Council to explore potential GLAM activities related to Cinc Sénies area. Vàngelis Villar Dvdgmz


Recreation of Neolithic scene in Can Sadurní cave in Begues
  • June 8 - Wikipedia and Universities conference for teachers at University of Vic.Kippelboy
  • June 9. End of the wikiArS internship of Allue1993 from La Industrial School of Art with the publication&description of recreation scenes of Neolithic burial in Can Sadurní cave in Begues. Vàngelis Villar
  • June 17 - Recording of a How to edit Wikipedia professional video for Open University of Catalonia students.Kippelboy
  • From June 1 to 15: exhibition "wikiArS, the contribution of art&design schools to Wikipedia" at Antoni Comas Library in Mataró
  • From June 2 to 28: exhibition "wikiArS, the contribution of art&design schools to Wikipedia" at Can Llauradó Library in Teià
  • From June 16 to 30: exhibition "wikiArS, the contribution of art&design schools to Wikipedia" at Martí Rosselló Library in Premià de Mar
  • June 18 & 19 & 23- Meetings with Autonomous University of Barcelona teachers to propose them introducing Wikipedia in their lectures.Kippelboy
  • June 19th - kick off CNL Project: workshop for teachers who work at CNL (Centre de Normalització Lingüística), which promotes Catalan language barcelona, Tiputini


  • June 15 - Attendance to Data Journalism and Open Data Day at CCCB. Davidpar
  • June 16 - Meeting with Enderrock Magazine in order to introduce Wikipedia, Music Wikifest and an editathon proposal.Kippelboy
  • June 19 - 1st Congress of health and librarians. Explain my experience about Wikipedia and health. Laura.Girona
  • June 22 - Online meeting with Wikimedia Nederland to share our experience in our project of Wiki Loves Libraries.Kippelboy
  • June 30 - Meeting with Barcelona zoo in order to plan a possible collaboration in fall 2015.Kippelboy


Media coverage[edit]

Global Metrics[edit]

Program Event/project/task #Active Editors #New editors # People involved Media Used #Articles improved #Bytes Other Comments
2 - GLAM International Music Day Wikifest 30 8 45 250 321 English report
2- GLAM Botanical Garden Edit-a-thon 21 15 24 4 7
2- GLAM Workshop in Quart de Poblet 14 5 20
2- GLAM Wikipedia workshop at 1st Congress of health and librarians 25
3- EDU Wikipedia and Universities conference for teachers at University of Vic 5 0 25
3 - EDU ESMUC Catalan School of Musicology Wikiproject 42 40 45 65 42 List of Improved articles by classroom
3 - EDU Wikipedia Wallet with CCCB (Highschool) 35 Project page
3 - EDU Contemporary Art (URL of Tarragona) 3 1 5 3
3 - EDU Web development (Highschool) 3 3 5 3
3 - EDU Blockbuster literature (Highschool) 7 7 9 1
3 - EDU History of Comunication (UVic) 35 35 40 23 10
3 - EDU Traductology (UVic-UCC) 18 18 20 26 18
3 - EDU Museum Management (UPF) 15 15 18 10 13
3 - EDU Bioinformatics (UPF) 4 4 5 12 4
3 - EDU Digital Preservation (Uoc) 33 33 35 21 33
3 - EDU Quality management and Human Resources (UJI) 17 17 22 8 18
3 - EDU Latin Lierature (UdG) 8 8 13 9 18
3 - EDU Cultural projects Management (UdG) 58 56 60 49 54
3 - EDU Linguistics antropology (UB) 2 1 3 1
3 - EDU Biochemistry (UB) 125 125 130 80 45
3 - EDU ca
3 - EDU Catalan Filology students internship (UB) 4 4 6 1.726
3 - EDU Romanesque Filology (UB) 1 1 3
3 - EDU Social Archaeology (UAB) 31 27 35 40 55
3 - EDU IT (UAB) 26 20 26 32 17
3 - EDU IFMuc Catalan Composers (UAB) 35 30 38 40 55
3 - EDU Latine literature (UAB) 16 14 16 8 14
4 - COMM Xucladors Wikiproject 9 0 9 1.569 Long term project where volunteers list and create articles using Free licensed materials or websites.
4 - COMM European Unions Wikiproject 13 0 13 1.127 Long term project where volunteers write articles related to the country which is rotating presidence of the EU Report in Catalan
4 - COMM Asturies Wikiproject 3 0 3 12 27 Wikiproject in collaboration with Asturian Wikimedians to improve coverage on Catalan wiki
Total (estimation) 578 487 733 690 5180

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