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Archaeology Edit-a-thon at St.Pau i Santa Creu Library (Barcelona)
Joan Brossa editathon
  • 9th October - Meeting with Central Library Dept of University of Barcelona to introduce Wikidata Authorities system to librarians. Ongoing project led by a Community volunteer afterwards. Kippelboy
  • 14th October - Meeting with Raval6000anys Project (researchers over Neolithic Period), Memora (management of funeral services) and St.Pau-Sta.Creu Library to plan a quick edit-a-thon in Barcelona. Vàngelis Villar
  • 16 October - Meeting with Cultural Heritage Dept of the Diputació de Barcelona to talk about a possible European project partnership.Kippelboy
  • 20th October - Meeting with National Art Museum and Head of Catalan Public Libraries to draft a 2015 event/project.Kippelboy
  • 20th October - Meeeting with CCCB to plan a project about young local writers barcelona
  • 23th October - Meeting at Pompeu Fabra Library (Mataró) about wikiArs exhibition and other future activities in Mataró. Dvdgmz, Vàngelis Villar
  • 24th October - Meeting with Moviment Educatiu del Maresme (Mataró) about wikiArs exhibition and a future edit-a-thon in Mataró over education. Dvdgmz, Vàngelis Villar
  • 30th October - 3th tupperwiki pedagogy edition group meeting at Premià de Mar Library. Creation of Pedagogy Wikiproject on Catalan Wikipedia. Dvdgmz, Annagfont & Ainafer


Viquiclàssics presentation at University of Barcelona, focus on filology teachers.
  • 2nd October - Wikiproject in quality management topics kick off meeting and workshop at University Jaume I of Castelló Kippelboy
  • 9th October - Talk about Wikimedia Commons, free licenses and wikiArS contributions of roman age recreation to Illustration degree students of Tarragona Art & Design School (EADT). About 50 attenders. Dvdgmz, Lluis_tgn, CrisCtt
  • 10 th October - Talk about Viquiclàssics project at University of Barcelona + a workshop for interesed professors Kippelboy, barcelona
  • 15 th October wikiArS exhibition installed at Tarragona Public Library, from 15th October to 16th November.
  • 16th October - "Beyond looking upon Wikipedia", talk aimed at secondary school teachers from Lleida & kick-off event of a seminar about Wikipedia and its sister projects, and how to take part in them in secondary education environments. Kippelboy, ESM
  • 20th October - Talk to 30 students of History of Art degree in Tarragona's university, Universitat Rovira i Virgili in catalan, about Wikipedia. Lluis_tgn
  • 29th October - Basic Wikipedia instructional videos recorded with UOC Audiovisual Department uploaded into Commons to help educational projects. Jey
  • 2nd October - Wikiproject in quality management topics kick off meeting and workshop at University Jaume I of Castelló. Kippelboy
  • 17th October - Start of the Wikiproject Catalan historical musicians with the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Kippelboy
  • 17th October — Start of the 2nd edition of ca:Viquiprojecte:Història de l'art UdL, where around a dozen Art History students will improve articles about heritage preservation. ESM
  • 30th October - Editing workshop for secondary school teachers. First session of the seminar about Wikipedia and its sister projects. ESM
  • 2nd October - Meeting with Sergio Barrachina from the Free Knowledge Dept of the University Jaume I of Castelló. Kippelboy
  • 9th October - Meeting with School of Art and Design of Tarragona and National Archeological Museum of Tarragona to kick-off the WikiArS project in Tarragona of 2014-2015. Dvdgmz & Lluis_tgn
  • 9th October - Meeting with Hispanical languages dept from University Pompeu Fabra, to talk about the possibility of an edu-wiki project. Kippelboy
  • 15th October - Meeting with Lifelong learning dept from University Rovira i Virgili in Reus, to talk about edu-wiki projects. Kippelboy
  • 16th October - Meeting with School of Art and Design Serra i Abella to kick-off the WikiArS initiative of 2014-2015 with biology illustration assignments and free license workshop. Ipelegri6 & Dvdgmz
  • 20th October - Meeting with Jordi Abelló member of Tarragona's town hall departament of culture to kick-off an edu-wiki project with students of History of Art degree. Lluis_tgn
  • 23th October - Meeting with Josep Àngel Guimerà, from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, planning a edu-wiki project. Davidpar barcelona
  • 31th October - Attended the Eduwiki 2014 Conference in Edinburgh, where we presented some of our eduwiki experiences as members of the Wikipedia Education Collaborative group. Marionaaragay


UOC responsibles of Catalan Studies edit-a-thon
  • 3rd October II Viquimarató nit digital, an edit-a-thon about catalan linguistic history, held in 3 cities at the same time (Tarragona, Girona and Barcelona) with more than 20 people in each location. Lots of Amical members organised the events.
  • 4th October edit-a-thon Catalan Studies, about articles related on Catalan language, organized together with UOC Catalan Studies. +18 editors made +160 contributions to +25 articles some of them top-rated across all language versions. We expect to use this experience to organize a more ambitious event next year, increasing the number of participants and venues. Jey (WiR at UOC) & Dvdgmz.
  • 16th October. Talk at Vall d'Hebron hospital for nurses, doctors and pharmacians. Arnaugir, Laura.Girona and Jmarchn
  • 20th October - Meeting with Anna Domingo from Direcció General de Política Lingüística (Catalan language council), Xavier Rull professor of Catalan language in Rovira i Virgili's University and Aurora Rius from Tarragona's Port in order to avaluate Digital Night of Catalan language (6 hours editathon) in Tarragona that was celebrated the 3rd of October. Lluis_tgn
  • 22nd October - Meeting with Aurora Rius from Tarragona's Port Authority (Autoritat Portuària de Tarragona) to talk about the possibility of releasing pictures and archives to Creative Commons license and uploading to Wikimedia projects. Lluis_tgn


Amical and Wikimedia Foundation in Barcelona


Interviews at Espècies protegides, Cadena SER

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