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Answers@ is a Wikimedia Foundation-run email queue to answer (or direct) community and general inquiries. Answers@ is operated by the Movement Communications team.

How does it work?

Answers@ is the central, non-specific contact point for questions about the Wikimedia Foundation. Questions and requests sent to answers@wikimedia.org are either handled directly, or forwarded to the relevant team or process. Questions about volunteer or affiliate processes are generally directed to those processes.

If I write to answers@, will my question/request be confidential?

We treat Answers as a Foundation hosted email list and therefore cannot guarantee confidentiality.

Though only Wikimedia Foundation staff have direct access to the queue, handling queries often involves forwarding to, or communicating with, volunteers and affiliate staff.

When might matters be directed to the volunteer community?

While the Wikimedia Foundation supports the international community of volunteers who create and curate free knowledge resources, we do not actually manage content or content policies ourselves.

If a matter falls under the scope of the volunteer community, it will often be directed to the Volunteer Response Team, a group of experienced volunteers who can assist you or direct you to the resources you need.