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One of the purposes of the Answers system is to combine questions of general interest in constructing a public "answers" bank. This "answers" bank is indexed at Answers/Index. This page displays the most recently published of these answers. While the answers were accurate on the date supplied (each answer has a timestamp at its end), they have not been updated unless it is specifically indicated that they have, and information may therefore be currently inaccurate. For answers to your questions, please also check the links to the left and About Wikimedia. If your issue is not addressed, you are welcome to email us at answers@wikimedia.org (See Answers/Process for information and terms.)

Does the Wikimedia Foundation actively support a free and open Internet? How?

Yes, the Wikimedia Foundation actively supports a free and open internet. We begin demonstrating our commitment to this ideal by living it—our software and user-generated content are open source, licensed under liberal copyleft licenses to permit their modification and reuse, even commercially, so long as the material and any resulting derivatives remain free. (See our Terms of Use and Mission for more information). Beyond this, we occasionally offer support to movements that support our mission or speak against measures which threaten it, for instance with our 2011 community-supported blackout to protest SOPA (you can see more at the English Wikipedia discussion) or taking part in the EU Copyright Consultation to encourage international consistency and reasonable term limits. You can get more information on some of the advocacy actions taken by Wikimedia and the Wikimedia Foundation at meta:Advocacy and on the Wikimedia Foundation's guidelines for advocacy at meta:Legal and Community Advocacy/Foundation Policy and Political Association Guideline. --Maggie Dennis (talk) 17:22, 10 July 2014 (UTC)[reply]