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Anyone for Everyone is a campaign to encourage and guide internet users to contribute more to the Wikimedia projects in 2020. The campaign aims to encourage 20 actions/activities that anyone could do on Wikimedia projects for the benefit of everyone. For each of these actions/activities, the campaign will give a brief introduction on what the action is, how the action can be carried out, feature testimonies by contributors and user beneficiaries to show how impactful these actions have been over the years.

Anyone should be able to pick up one of the 19 actions and act towards Wikimedia's mission to empower and engage people [, everyone] around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally.

The campaign is inspired by the You Need To Know campaign where simple everyday actions where listed for anyone to pick up one of the 170 and act towards the UN Global Goals.

20 actions[edit]

This list will be made in tabular form to contain the several subsections under each actions. Together, Wiki(m/p)edia contributors are encouraged to kindly suggest an

addition, subtraction, renumbering (though they are in no respective order), improvement and any other idea that may be of benefit to this call to get involved.

  1. Fix a typo on a Wikipedia article.
  2. Upload an image or video to Commons.
  3. Upload a book to Commons.
  4. Add a reference to a Wikipedia article.
  5. Add your favorite quote at Wikiquote.
  6. Proofread a page of text at Wikisource.
  7. Add a an Infobox to a Wikipedia article.
  8. Add a missing description to a Wikipedia article.
  9. Speak up about what you think is wrong or can be improved on a Wikipedia article using Talk.
  10. Create a simpler and more understandable version of Wikipedia on
  11. Tell visitors about your hometown on Wikivoyage.
  12. Give your opinion on stories at Wikinews.
  13. Add citation at Wiktionary.
  14. Share a favorite recipe in Wikibooks' cookbook.
  15. Make it a habit to acknowledge, thank, and support the good faith efforts of others.

////Please suggest more actions////

Campaign methods[edit]

  • Social media: Via hashtags, engaging social media presence, we could take the message out there for internet users to see that Wikimedia projects are indeed open. Short and captivating video tutorials on the actions, videos from editors and Wikiusers all over the world and more features will be included.
  • Website: On the Anyone for Everyone website, information about the campaign, information for prospecting participants, video tutorials, PDFs and more will be made available.
  • Engaging the cheerful involvement of Wiki usergroups, chapters, clubs, and hubs.

Media materials[edit]

You can join in too![edit]

Anyone for Everyone needs all the hands and minds it can get. Sign or add your name below. You are highly welcome!