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Arctic Knot Conference 2021/Submissions/How can editing contests support smaller Wikipedias?

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How can editing contests support smaller Wikipedias?
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Anass Sedrati - Reda benkhadra
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Wikimedia Morocco

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ORCID - Anass Sedrati

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Currently, it is very difficult to motivate people to write in smaller Wikipedias. In several societies, many languages are in competition with each other, with some having a higher hierarchy and are considered as "more prestigious". This results in the fact that people speaking a minority language will hardly produce knowledge in it, and will instead prefer writing in the "higher standard" languages. This is also relevant in Wikipedia, where the smaller Wikipedias have hard time attracting new editors. One idea that our group thought about, was to organize an editing contest (with prizes) in different languages, in order to encourage people to write and produce in these languages. One of them is still at the incubator (Tachelhit), which is we believe a pioneer experience that was not done before.

The contest (WikiForHumanRights) is currently ongoing, but more results about the experience and our learnings can be shared by the time of the presentation (the contest will end by may 31st).

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Attendees will learn how this experience can help them to solve similar problems in their context, and hopefully inspire other groups to explore editing contests in the incubator.

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Empowering wiki communities

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