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AvoinGLAM/BiographySampo to Wikidata

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BiographySampo is an online service that brings together information on tens of thousands of Finns of the past and present, their life events and achievements, and the connections between them. The service offers tools for linking, researching and data analysis of biographical content. The project has been created by the Semantic Computing Group at Aalto University, the Finnish Literature Society SKS and the HELDIG Center of the University of Helsinki.

In this project we will import data structured and mined by the BiographySampo project into Wikidata. As an output we will create small modular how-to instructions that can be translated to any language. The enriched data in Wikidata will be visualized in several ways. We can also compare the views and tools in BiographySampo to what is available for data in Wikidata.


  • What sources are included in BiographySampo and how has the data been enriched in BiographySampo
    • People
    • Relations
    • Professions
    • Locations
  • How this data is migrated into Wikidata and what needs to be taken into account.
    • Reconciliation considerations
    • Workflows
  • Tools and views

Finnish Literature Society


Semantic Computing Group


Import log