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AvoinGLAM is an Open Knowledge Finland working group promoting Open Access to cultural heritage. Our goal is to make GLAM activities more inclusive, diverse, and equitable by expanding the scope of modalities, topics, and practitioners of cultural heritage, and addressing questions of ethical sharing. With this in mind, we wish to interpret the acronym GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums) as Global Languages, Art & Memory.

We promote creative collaborations and peer learning across the range of GLAM practitioners. We function at the intersection of Wikimedia, Creative Commons and Open Knowledge, advocating collaboration across organizational and domain boundaries.

AvoinGLAM has been established in 2012, and it has been supported by a Wikimedia Foundation Community Fund since 2022.



AvoinGLAM 2024

Highlights of our activities[edit]

Wiki Loves Living Heritage

Hack4OpenGLAM 2020, 2021



Past activities[edit]

Join our global community[edit]

Starting in 2024, AvoinGLAM invites members to our global community. The community will be involved in discussing the activities of the group. To be eligible for running for candidacy in the Steering group of AvoinGLAM or vote for the candidates, an individual must be a member of Open Knowledge Finland.

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Share your stories about working with us[edit]

We invite you to share your experiences of working with us, or thoughts about how we could work together in the future. We appreciate expressions of support for our activities, even if we had not worked together before.

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Governance, program and funding[edit]

AvoinGLAM is an unincorporated group working with Open Knowledge Finland as the fiscal sponsor.

AvoinGLAM meetings are open for anyone to attend. There is no formal membership. We invite anyone to join Open Knowledge Finland as member.


Core group 2023[edit]

  • Tove Ørsted
  • Tuomas Nolvi
  • Kimberli Mäkäräinen
  • Kaj Arnö
  • Maria Virtanen
  • Aki Pohjankyrö
  • Kristen Tcherneshoff
  • Julia Brungs (in private capacity)
  • Ranjit Menon
  • Tuukka Hastrup
  • Minna Turtiainen
  • Rupesh Vyas
  • Andrew Gryf Paterson


Fiscal sponsor Open Knowledge Finland[edit]

  • Janne Peltola, ED
  • Mehalet Yared, chair of the board