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AvoinGLAM/Join the community

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Starting in 2024, AvoinGLAM invites members to our global community. The community will be involved in discussing the activities of the group. To be eligible for running for candidacy in the Steering Group of AvoinGLAM or vote for the candidates, an individual must be a member of Open Knowledge Finland.

Join the community


Add your Wikimedia signature below. If you do not have a Wikimedia account yet, we recommend you to register for an account. Add your signature by selecting it in the editor menu under "Insert" or by adding ~~~~ in text editing mode.

Share your stories


We invite you to share your experiences of working with us, or to suggest how we could work together in the future. We appreciate expressions of support for our activities, even if we had not worked together before.

Add a section with a heading, tell which activity your story is related to and preferably sign your story with your Wikimedia signature. We will gladly return this favor! Thank you <3