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AvoinGLAM/Saami place names to Wikidata as lexicographical data

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Saami place names to Wikidata as lexicographical data is a joint project initiative between AvoinGLAM (Wikimedia, Open Knowledge and Creative Commons Finland joint working group on GLAM, languages and culture) and Wikimedia Norge. The aim is to include Saami place names from the Finnish authorities databases to Wikidata following a process developed together with Wikimedia Norge's project Samiske stedsnavn.



Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. Several institutions link existing Wikidata entities to their authority databases through dedicated properties or import data as Wikidata entities and statements. The content of Wikidata is available with the Creative Commons Zero waiver, exported using standard formats, and can be interlinked to other open data sets on the linked data web.

Lexicographical data[edit]


Project description and work packages between WMFI and WMNO[edit]

Wikimedia Finland will join Wikimedia Norway’s effort to import Inari, Skolt, and Nothern Saami place names to Wikidata as place items and lexemes. The work is part of Wikimedia Norway’s ongoing project to be completed during 2021.

Wikimedia Finland will work to engage Finnish partners in the project as observers, for discussion and data providers, and to plan further collaboration.

Wikimedia Finland executes the reconciliation process and produces a short report on tooling for reconciling geographic data and interfaces for the public to correct geographic and lexeme data.

Wikimedia Finland gathers all the relevant data and data enriching procedures it has explored for Wikimedia Norway to use in the import process. Wikimedia Finland also participates in planning the lexeme creation and import to Wikidata.

WMNO and WMFI will jointly produce learning resources for future imports and the handling of place names as lexemes.


  • Partner engagement
  • Provide the data and related information for the process
  • Participate in the reconciliation process and produce a report on tooling
  • Plan the lexeme import
  • Create learning resources of the process and its parts


  • Jointly plan the lexeme import
  • Execute the lexeme import
  • Jointly arrange the kickoff and closing events
  • Documentation for Wikimedians as well as for project partners


Read the more detailed documentation in Wikidata at WikiProject Finland/Saami place names to Wikidata as lexicographical data.

Project outline[edit]

  1. Import places with Northern Saami, Inari Saami and Skolt Saami place names from the Finnish National Land Survey Place Names Register to Wikidata using the Wikidata property P4119, NLS Geographic Names Register Place ID. See a sample of the same data: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q4357913.
    • April–May 2021 / AvoinGLAM
  2. Partner discussion in Wikimedia Finland's Slack on channel #saamiplacenames.
  3. Further geographic data discussions in the Telegram channel #wikimaps.
  4. Kickoff workshop to introduce the project and exchange ideas. Date to be discussed.
  5. Import lexemes
    1. Create the data model for importing the place names of these places in the Saami languages as lexemes. Reference the entries in the Finnish National Land Survey Place Names Register with the Wikidata property P4118, NLS-FI Geographic Name ID.
    2. Execute the import.
    3. Provide conjugations for the place names as lexicographical data in collaboration with Giellatekno at the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø.
    4. Import the conjugations.
  6. Quality check the names before or after import.
  7. Final event, evaluation and next steps.

Partners in Finland[edit]

Partnership means exchange of information rather than commitments from the organization.

The project is open for further partners.

Partners in Norway[edit]

  • Jon Harald Søby / Wikimedia Norge
  • Jon Arild Olsen / Språkbanken at Nasjonalbiblioteket
  • Trond Trosterud / Giellatekno at the Arctic University of Norway


Joint view of the Norwegian and Finnish entries.