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This page in a nutshell: In 2002 looked like wikis may be a powerful tool to write software documentation.

How long for a team of fifty volunteer wiki admins to write a real book with all the gory details via Wikipedia style interface if they had committted to collectively expending the revenue raised on higher bandwidth prior to commencing?

I speak as an experienced engineering project manager, this tool can be sold to engineering teams. Engineers do NOT get paid the big bucks to twiddle with linux/wiki(s) when I have a million dollar deadline looming. Engineering teams are like software teams .... nobody like to write the final documentation or sprecifications. They are extremely boring the 80th time through the document.

Who should we hire? How convenient, if we can get the box back on the air the admin can probably be done remotely on a partime or fulltime basis. If not, we have someone on a list of consultants that can travel for an appropriate fee. Might generate some motivation among hungry college students with 24/7 initial access available. Move the operational site as revenue is available (sooner not later) or necessary.

Comments welcome. Remember, it is impossible to steal an open/free business plan. It can only be emulated or pre-empted. user:mirwin