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Best practices in organizing WPWP Campaign in your community

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Wikipedia Pages Wanting Photos (WPWP) is an annual campaign where Wikipedians across Wikipedia language projects and communities add photos to Wikipedia articles lacking images. The primary goal is to promote the use of digital media files collected from various Wikimedia photography contests, photowalks organized by the Wikimedia community, on Wikipedia article pages. Photos help to grasp the reader's attention better than a wall of text, illustrate content, and make the article more instructive and engaging for readers.

Several Wikimedia communities organize the campaign annually. Here are some best practices in organizing the campaign in your community.

Before the start of WPWP[edit]

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  • Add your community name to the list of affiliate communities. If you are an affiliate, use the Chapter or User Group name. This notifies the international Organizing Team.
  • The campaigns starts on the 1st of July and entry closes on the 31st of August. In early June, about three weeks before the launch date, start engaging your community about your intentions and ideas.
  • Identify what kind of events are ideal for your community. The events could be organized online and/or in-person.
    • In-person events are suitable when transportation and location are feasible for participation.
    • Even when an in-person event is organized, consider arranging an online event on the same topics for those who, for whatever reason, are unable to attend.
    • Consider adding instructional videos and/or written tutorials in your local language as reinforcement for newcomers who wish to review and clarify content.
Mid-June, at least two weeks before the launch date
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  • Share the How to participate guide(s) with your community members.
  • Share with your community the relevant categories of images that you think are underutilized.
Late June, at least one week before the launch date
  • Organize training for new editors in your community. Please ensure you cover the following important topics: image use, caption and description, image syntax.
  • Inform the WPWP international Organizing Team of the categories of images your community is targeting as underutilized.
  • To track metrics (such as the total number of articles improved, the list of articles improved, the total number of participants from your community, ranking of users with the highest number of images used on articles and the total number of language Wikipedias improved), request the international organizer to create your hashtag for tracking of metrics. The general hashtag is #WPWP. See the Guide on how to use WPWP Campaign Hashtags
Organize training for participants

Training is important, especially for new editors.

  • Showcase to your community the use of various tools listed here.
  • Show participants how to add images to articles.
  • Showcase how to add the hashtag #WPWP and your community-specific hashtag (example: #WPWPMK) in the Edit summary.

During the campaign[edit]

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  • Keep sharing the how-to-participate resource materials on all available social media platforms and other selected communication media for your community.
  • Encourage users to share their achievements on social media (to encourage others/create a sense of competition).
  • Remind participants to always use the hashtag #WPWP and the designated group hashtag in their Edit summaries.
  • Keep sharing statistics via social media to encourage more participation and competition.
  • As an organizer, ensure you are available to provide further tips and advice as required.

Reach out to the international Organizing Team at any point during the contest if you encounter any challenge.

  • Regularly review "Recent changes" for activity by your group's participants. Occasional mistakes from new editors could be disruptive. This can effectively be handled by discussion on a Talk page, etc.

After the campaign[edit]

  • Compile all statistics and generate your metrics form the hashtag.
  • Communicate the results to your community and the international Organizing Team.
  • Help with cleanup after the campaign. Campaigns that involve new editors may require extensive maintenance work after the campaign. Examples: filling in missing captions in the proper language, placement of images, etc.

Local prizes[edit]

If you wish to provide a local (or national) prize to support the #WPWPCampaign in your community, you may apply for funding with a rapid grant. Ensure that you submit your application for a rapid grant before 15th June, as after that date WMF may not receive or process grant applications for evaluation. Keep your prizes under USD 400. Recommended options: souvenirs, certificates, and gift cards of not more than USD 200 for top contributors.

See also[edit]

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