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The Wikimedia Foundation operates more projects (wiki's) where the content language is using either a RTL script or both LTR and RTL scripts in parallel. At the moment the Foundation is running projects in the following languages:

w: (wikipedia:) ar: CSV: L M MW | arc: CSV: L M MW | dv: CSV: L M MW | fa: CSV: L M MW | (ha: MW) | he: CSV: L M MW | ks: CSV: L M MW | (ku: CSV: L M MW) | (lad: MW) | (pa: CSV: L M MW) | ps: CSV: L M MW | sd: CSV: L M MW | (tk: MW) | ug: CSV: L M MW | ur: CSV: L M MW | yi: CSV: L M MW – www – (en: MW)
CVS /languages/ : Language.php Messages.php LanguageUtf8.php, LanguageConverter.php

Everybody is Welcome here regardles if you come to solve your problems, if you bring some knowledge about CSS, Java, XML etc., if you are a MediaWiki developer, if you make documentation, if you are involved in testing, if you operate a bot, if you manualy insert interlanguage links or if you are reverting vandalism at all kind of projects.

The workgroup has it's own IRC channel at irc:// where participants meet together and visitors can address issues related to RTL or BiDi topics.

todos: wee need somebody to set it up

Current events[edit]

Major goals[edit]

  • Common collaboration amongst the RTL and BiDi projects, sharing knowledge about wiki configuration, finding workarounds for known problems
  • Maintaining projects with low activities, reverting vandalism at these wikies
  • Providing mutual help to generate unified patches for the BiDi projects
  • Providing support for other projects: Multilingual MediaWiki
  • Verifying BiDi complience for templates from commons (bugzilla:04547)
  • Reporting and confirming fault reports at bugzilla: and other browser dependend bug tracking systems
  • Making compliance tests with different operating systems, browsers; identifying common base alternatives to achieve the same result
  • Creating documentation (understandable for newbies, providing reference links)
  • Creating test cases at meta: and at the existing projects
  • Requesting a RTL test wiki to "simulate" special pages
  • Finding someone who operates a BiDi bot and registering this bot
  • to be continued



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