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Help with BiDi translations of wikipedia contents using a CAT-Tool[edit]

Hi, we are trying to understand how to use OmegaT for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi translating bidirectional content (for example in the calendar pages) and also with ordinary pages. So I would kindly as you if you could help me to do a short test translating two very short files using OmegaT. OmegaT runs with Java (SUN) and is platform independent. Of course having users working on different OS would be best to make sure things really go the right way. On Windows you can run OmegaT without actually installing it, just downloading the zipfile and double clicking on OmegaT.bat. As for the project files I would pass them to you. I suppose you will need approx. half an hour + the installation time for OmegaT to do this test. In this period I mainly work on WiktonaryZ, therefore I would kindly ask you to pass me any answers on my discussion page] there. Thank you! --Sabine 17:46, 21 March 2006 (UTC)Reply