Blogging With MediaWiki

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I have been very impressed with MediaWiki recently and am curious at what sort of success folks have had at using it for personal, blog-like websites.

In particular, there are 2-3 things that I think I would need to find a way to make work in order to accomplish my goals.

First would be a function of sorts that presented a list of all pages where the most recent (or original?) edit is on a certain date. That could then be accessed through a couple of differnt sorts of widgets. The first would be a calendar type view that allowed you to change months, years, and click on dates to view pages for that day. The second widget type would be the sort that presented a list of month names that could be clicked on to then get a list of summaries for the individual pages.

Speaking of summaries, that is another thing. How hard would it be to make a "summary" page that listed little excerps of sort from various other pages in the wiki. That would be used both for the main page (to show most recent changes - sort of a twist on the "recent changes" page). And that would be used when clicking back through past dates using the calender widgets, etc.

Of course, maybe there is a better way to do the above sorts of things using a wiki-ish method of sorts.

Any thoughts?

I think this idea can help

  • It should be a special page extension (something like special:blog)
  • It has a target special:blog/user
  • You should then create a class in that special page with
    • displaying a summary of the blog {{special:newpages/5}} can help
    • display a page when a summary is clicked
    • create a form for the blog posting

I don't know how to do that though --Hery 17:27, 6 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]