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선거가 2009년 8월 10일에 종료되었습니다. 더 이상 투표하실 수 없습니다.
2009년 8월 10일에 선거 결과가 발표되었습니다.
2009년 이사회 선거

애덤 코닉스버그(Adam Koenigsberg) (CastAStone)[edit]

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 애덤 코닉스버그(Adam Koenigsberg)
    • 연령: 25
    • 거주지: 미국 오하이오주 콜럼버스(8월 15일까지 아일랜드 두블린에 거주할 것)
    • 언어: 영어, 스페인어 쓰고 읽기
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2005년 9월 25일
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia, 다른 곳에서도 제가 도울 일이 있으면 그 일을 해드립니다.
연설 요약하자면,
  • Board Experience(이사회 활동)
  • Fundraising Experience(모금 활동)
  • MBA Candidate (Ohio State)(오하이오 주립대에서 취득한 MBA 학위)
  • Collaborator(협상가)

논쟁에는 우리의 자존심보다 더 중요한 것이 있기에, 해결이 어렵고 시간도 많이 걸리는 문제들에 대해서 (서로 다른 의견들을)경청하고 상호협력하여 공통된 지점에 도달해야한다는 것, 이것이 제가 지난 5년간 비영리적으로 이사회 활동을 하며, 그리고 미국 상원에서 경험을 하며 배운 것입니다. 정치 캠페인을 했던 경험은 지금 위키미디어가 필요로 하는, 가장 중요한 가치들을 내다팔지 않으면서도 기금을 모금하는 능력을 제게 주었습니다. 이 경험들이 제 MBA 학위와 함께, 이사회가 결정해야하는 어려운 사안들을 제가 마케팅과 재무 분야에서 배운 것을 이용해서 해결할 수 있는 능력을 주었습니다.

제게 위키미디어가 의미하는 것은, 정확함, 개방성, 그리고 정중함을 통해 전세계에 지식을 전파하는 것입니다. 앞으로 2년간 여러분의 의견을 경청할 것과 (지식의 전파를 위한) 이러한 이상들을 지탱할 수 있게 될 것을 기대하고 있습니다.

저를 이번 선거에서 선택해주십시오. 저는 여러분의 기대를 뛰어넘을 것입니다.

Beauford Anton Stenberg (B9 hummingbird hovering)[edit]

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Beauford Anton Stenberg
    • 연령: 36
    • 거주지: Melbourne, Australia
    • 언어: English, principally
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2006
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia,
      en.wikiversity, en.wiktionary,
      I envision Wikimedia Foundation & family of projects as contributing to what I perceive as the 'Great Equalization' of knowledge(s) and resources, to be open and accessible thoughout all peoples at all times in a very real, very near, future.
연설 I am focussed on the mapping, capture and continuity of the human knowledge(s) in their entirety thus embodied in the Foundation and its projects and would be delighted to bring my professional administrative acumen and humble living experience into play within the Board. I identify politically within the Foundation as an inclusionist. Please contact me for clarification directly through one of these channels:

Brady Brim-DeForest (Bradybd)[edit]

요약 정보
Brady Brim-DeForest
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Brady Brim-DeForest
    • 연령: 25
    • 거주지: Los Angeles, CA, USA
    • 언어: English, some French
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 29 January 2005
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia, intermittently active on commons, en.wikitionary
연설 As a Trustee, I will be an advocate of open, transparent dialogue with the community and will strive to serve as both its voice and its messenger.

Specifically, I will:

  • Plan for the long-term viability of the Wikimedia projects through establishment of an endowment that doesn't compromise the independence of the organization.
  • Encourage Wikimedia's adoption of open standards for interoperability, ensuring its continued role as the hub of the open knowledge ecosystem.
  • Fight to protect the neutrality of the internet to ensure that the efforts of the Wikimedia community pay long-term dividends and are preserved for future generations.

I have an extensive background in non-profit management and board experience that spans both the non-profit and for-profit worlds.

Outside Wikimedia: I work at Tubefilter. I am an active participant in the DataPortability Project, where I have served as a member of the Steering Group and Treasurer of the Board since early 2008. I am a member and Secretary of the Open Web Foundation, a member of the OpenID Foundation, and a co-founder of the OpenFriends Project. I also lead efforts at Open Soil to create an open source model for seed licensing.

댄 로젠탈(Dan Rosenthal) (Swatjester)[edit]

요약 정보
댄 로젠탈(Dan Rosenthal)
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 댄 로젠탈(Dan Rosenthal)
    • 연령: 26
    • 거주지: 워싱턴 D.C.
    • 언어: 영어
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2006년 1월
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia(영문판 위키백과), 간헐적으로 메타위키, 위키공용, 그리고 Simple English(쉬운 영문판 위키백과)에서도 활동합니다.
연설 I believe that I have the expertise and experience necessary to serve on the WMF Board of Trustees. I’m a member of the WMF Communications Committee, a Press Contact for the foundation, and an OTRS Legal queue representative. I’m also active in the WMF community offline, having attended several Wiki-meetings, and headed up the Wikipedia Loves Art event in Washington, DC. I’m a clinical student attorney with the Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Clinic, and will be receiving my J.D. in May.

I’ve met the office staff numerous times, and they’re fantastic, talented, dedicated people; I firmly believe that it is not the board’s place to interfere with their day to day efforts, but to guide and oversee the Foundation as a whole. I believe I can help to do this by developing strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations. To that end I’ve helped develop a relationship with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which has culminated in an agreement to release a large portion of their digitized collection for upload to Commons.

Domas Mituzas (Midom)[edit]

요약 정보
Domas Mituzas, 2008
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Domas Mituzas
    • 연령: 26
    • 거주지: Vilnius, Lithuania
    • 언어: Lithuanian, English, Russian
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: October 2003
    • 주 위키: wikitech, board
연설 I've worked on core site technology and operations since 2004, and joined the WMF Board of Trustees in January 2008 - thus participated evolution of both technology and organization over the long years.

I see Wikimedia Foundation as a service organization, assisting communities with the projects, and maintaining the infrastructure for creativity and collaboration - providing legal groundwork, communication environment and of course, the free content technology.

Organization itself is and should be, due to financing model, always ensuring high efficiency, and always be ready to balance between needs, wishes and capabilities.

I'd like to represent a much larger community, not only editors bearing voting rights. There is wide audience of non-contributing users, who have their needs, and for those needs we are or should be working. There are advocates of our work and our mission, and we should assist them.

This organization is just part of greater movement, which has chapters, sister organizations and all the volunteers - and it is important to steer it, to maintain the most sustainable balance, ensuring availability of free content for ages ahead - empowering each other.

헤라르드 마이센 Gerard Meijssen (GerardM)[edit]

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Gerard Meijssen
    • 연령: 50
    • 거주지: Almere, Nederland
    • 언어: Dutch, English, some German and a little French
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2004
    • 주 위키: GerardM
연설 저는 위키백과, 위키낱말사전, 위키공용, 번역위키에 참여해왔으며, 기술의 부족, 지원의 부족과 운영의 부족이 우리의 프로젝트를 방해한다는 것을 깨달았습니다. 저는 "마음이 있는 곳에 재물이 있다(putting your money where your mouth is)"는 신념을 믿으며, OmegaWiki, the LocalisationUpdate extension와 커먼즈의 다국어 검색 제안 등을 지원했습니다. 저는 현재 존재하는 다양한 언어들과 프로젝트를 지원함에 있어 필요한 기능들을 구현하고 이에 필요한 자원을 찾을 것입니다.

영어 이외의 다른 언어에 대한 지원을 변호한 결과로 저는 언어 위원회와 세계 언어 문서 센터(the World Language Documentation Centre)의 일원이 되었습니다. 그 결과 우리의 프로젝트에 대한 질적인 제안으로, 디지탈 복원에 관심이 있고 여러 명의 네덜란드인들의 GLAM과 좋은 관계를 조직했습니다.

이사회 회원으로서 저는 다른 언어와 문화에 대한 필요성에 대해 균형을 갖추도록 노력할 것입니다. 저는 이 위키미디어 운동이 있으며 제 경험상 우리의 가치를 나눌 기구가 필요하다는 것을 믿습니다. 다 함께 우리의 목표인 모두와 함께 모든 지식을 나누자는 것을 실현할 것입니다.

Gregory Kohs (Thekohser)[edit]

요약 정보
Gregory Kohs
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Gregory Kohs
    • 연령: 40
    • 거주지: Pennsylvania
    • 언어: English, some German and French
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: March 2005
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia, intermittently active on Meta, Commons, Wikiquote, and Wikiversity.
연설 I have an agenda to lift the accountability, professionalism, and excellence of the Wikimedia projects' leadership and content. I am a marketing research practitioner at a Fortune 100 media and communications company employing approximately 100,000 people. I have also played instrumental roles in launching several Internet brands, including and (the output of a non-profit corporation). I serve on the Boards of two different non-profit organizations. I'm happily married (sorry, gals) and I have one highly exuberant daughter.

I firmly believe that the WMF Board of Trustees is in need of a good shake-up, as it is engineering the growth of the Wikimedia properties, staff, and budgets with alarming speed, while doing almost nothing to curb the culture of unaccountability, lack of professionalism, and sub-average content quality. The "Wiki Way" was paved with good intentions, but lately harm to individuals and embarrassing disrepute seem to be more frequently ruling the day; so, it is time to step up and start making the hard decisions needed to save the Wikimedia projects from destroying themselves.

José Gustavo Góngora (Góngora)[edit]

요약 정보
Góngora, April 2009.
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: José Gustavo Góngora
    • 연령: 22
    • 거주지: La Seu d'Urgell, Catalonia, Spain
    • 언어: Spanish, English, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: July 2006
    • 주 위키: ca.wikipedia, es.wikipedia (several edits in other Wikimedia projects: mostly and
연설 As an English linguistics student who respects plurality, I consider myself suitable for taking this task and communicating with other people internationally. I study at UNED, a distance learning university. For this reason, I can organize my time and, if elected, participate in board duties.

Furthermore, I have been involved with the Spanish Arbitration Committee (aka CRC) during one year. I am also an administrator and bureaucrat since 2007. Apart from that, I am currently a checkuser on the Catalan wikipedia project, from where I am also preparing a talk that will take place in Wikimania 2009, in Argentina, next August. I have been able to earn the community confidence in those projects. In other words, I feel highly committed with Wikimedia projects and principles.

As an experienced translator, who has attended and organized several wiki-meetings, with more than 100 articles translated, I feel myself able to translate Wikimedia policy if necessary. I have promoted Wikimedia projects worldwide in countries such as Uruguay, Spain or Andorra, in several interviews with the Media. I would like to keep on doing my job by assuming this responsibility from now onwards.

Kevin Riley O'Keeffe (KevinOKeeffe)[edit]

요약 정보
Kevin Riley O'Keeffe, 2009
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Kevin Riley O'Keeffe
    • 연령: 38
    • 거주지: San Jose, Northern California, USA
    • 언어: English
연설 Since I have become active at Wikipedia, I have noted that while every single episode of South Park has its own article, numerous topics which are of interest and genuine intellectual concern to those of us on the far right, have been treated with apparent disdain, and have been subjected to seemingly arbitrary deletion. It often seems to me as if articles that are of interest to persons on the political right, are held to a significantly higher standard, for the purposes of achieving notability.

My candidacy is derived from my concerns pertaining to the issue of freedom of speech, or perhaps more precisely, the objectivity of the administration of the WikiMedia Foundation's various projects, with particular emphasis on what I have come to perceive as a liberal-leftist bias ("political correctness") with regard to the administration of Wikipedia. I do not claim this is a huge problem. On the contrary, I have a very high regard for Wikipedia, as well as for the Wikimedia Foundation's efforts as a whole. However, my experiences at Wikipedia, as well as what I have learned in conversations with various others who have had similar experiences, have led me to conclude that this has become an issue that requires redress, and thus is one that can perhaps be best dealt with by having a sympathetic ear on the Board of Directors of the WikiMedia Foundation.

Lourie Pieterse (LouriePieterse)[edit]

요약 정보
Lourie on a windy trip.
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Lourie Pieterse
    • 연령: 18
    • 거주지: Upington, 남아프리카 공화국
    • 언어: 아프리칸스어 (모국어로 사용), 영어.
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2008년 10월
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia, less active on Commons.
연설 After I finish high-school next year, I intend to pursue an Honours Degree in nuclear physics at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I am a committed team player, but confident in taking the lead when required. I am determined, organised, and hard working. I have made significant contributions to the English Wikipedia, having both “Rollback” and “Account creator” rights. I also collaborate on Spotlight.

I truly believe that I would make a great trustee. Although I am young, I am capable and mature. By striving for the impossible I always achieve the possible. Being on the board would give me the opportunity to make a significant difference. My main goal is to get South Africa, but also Africa, to become more involved with the Wikimedia Foundation. This would bring financial support, increased involvement, and help the Foundation to expand into largely untapped geographical regions.

Being part of the Board of Trustees is one of my greatest dreams. By becoming a trustee, I could help the Foundation expand in untapped geographical regions. I am not seeking prestige or power; I would be highly motivated knowing that I could help achieve the Foundation's goals. So please, do not pre-judge me. I have what it takes.

Jussi-Ville Heiskanen (Cimon Avaro)[edit]

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Jussi-Ville Heiskanen
    • 연령: 43
    • 거주지: Helsinki, Finland
    • 언어: Finnish (native), English (native equivalent/professional), Swedish (conversational); rudimentary communication in German, French & Scots; also very basic Afrikaans and rusty vocabulary in lojban & Esperanto.
연설 You should vote for me if you agree that:
  • The wide range of our languages should be reflected on the board better than by just one token trustee who isn't a native speaker of a major world language.
  • The reorganized advisory committee should be encouraged to become an active and authoritative voice in foundation matters side by side with the foundation staff and board of trustees.
  • Any authority the Board can find a way to legally and feasibly delegate to other organs of the community, it should. But when necessary, the board must boldly clarify what our central mission is.
  • The chapters cannot be the only organ for crosslanguage interaction (though they are a vital component). Those community members who are not interested in organized forms of contributing, must be involved directly in bridging the gaps between communities and the content in our various languages and projects in the more ad hoc way they prefer. And we must never forget those areas and languages which will never have chapters, for whatever reason.
  • What we do is for the ages, and genuinely without comparison!

Kat Walsh (mindspillage)[edit]

요약 정보
Kat Walsh
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Kat Walsh
    • 연령: 26
    • 거주지: Herndon, VA (suburb of Washington, DC), USA
    • 언어: English, basic Spanish
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 2004
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia
연설 I have been a WMF board member since October '06. I will finish my JD this year at George Mason, focusing on copyright, patent, trademark, policy, and economics, and have been an editor of the Journal of Law, Economics, and Policy. I am also a registered patent agent and a classical musician.

I see my role thus far as a "conscience", helping keep the board focused on Wikimedia's core values and principles: freedom, openness, neutrality, transparency, collaboration. I have a commitment to and understanding of free content and free software, the communities around them, and their ideals, goals, and practical aspects.

I think it's also important to stand back and encourage independent community action, growth, and experimentation. I see the board as working on a big-picture level, creating a framework for decentralized community effort, and thinking both on the short term and the very, very long term.

Some key projects I have been involved with include the license transition, licensing policy, patents/file formats, staff search/hiring/evaluation, subnational chapters, board restructuring, and the development of a professional office compliant with good nonprofit practices.

Ralph Potdevin (Aruspice)[edit]

요약 정보
Ralph Potdevin.
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Ralph Potdevin
    • 연령: 37
    • 거주지: Rouen, France
    • 언어: French, English, Spanish, German
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: January 2004
    • 주 위키: fr.wikipedia
연설 As an engineer, currently unemployed, and a former student in computer sciences, cognitive science and electr(on)ical engineering, I think I have the skills required to imply in WM and the Wikipedias in particular. I appreciate and support the seriousness, independency, democracy and open-mindedness of Wikipedias. I regularly improve the French Wikipedia, essentially, by correcting typos, changing bad syntax into good and the like, and participating in the redaction of articles. I intervene in discussions and votes on page suppressions and so on. I'm doing my best to continuously continuing to learn wiki syntax and thus making more efficient contributions. I would be very glad to go on that way in the coming months, as a community member and why not as a board member.

스티브 스미스 Steve Smith (Sarcasticidealist)[edit]

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Steve Smith
    • 연령: 27
    • 거주지: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (attending school in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada)
    • 언어: English, formerly-fluent but ever-deteriorating French
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 23 February 2007
    • 주 위키: en.wikipedia, Commons, a handful of edits on a few others
연설 제 이름은 스티브 스미스이고, 캐나다의 법대생입니다. I am a former business manager for a non-profit with annual revenues in excess of half a million dollars and a former director of three different non-profit corporations and one for-profit. While this 1200 character limit is awfully restrictive, my platform is as follows:
  1. promote the use of the “specific expertise” board seats to become less insular,
  2. make what adjustments to the privacy policy as are necessary to promote accountability on-wiki,
  3. issue such Foundation-level dictates on biographies of living persons issues as can be issued without jeopardizing the Foundation’s protection under s. 230 of the Communications Decency Act,
  4. advocate for the Foundation-imposed creation of committees in our largest projects, such committees to be
    • empowered to make project-specific policy,
    • elected to finite terms by the community and recallable by same,
    • overrulable by community consensus,
    • authorized to alter their own makeup, and
    • no threat to the Foundation’s Section 230 immunity as a nonpublisher;
  5. guard against over-optimistic growth projections, and
  6. oppose paid advertising on any Wikimedia project.

Samuel Klein (Sj)[edit]

요약 정보
In Taipei, at Wikimania 2007. Credit: Joi Ito
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Samuel Klein
    • 연령: 31
    • 거주지: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
    • 언어: English, some German, Spanish, French
  • 편집:
    • 위키미디어 프로젝트 참여 시기: 23 January 2004
    • 주 위키: meta(a), en.wikipedia(a), en.wikibooks; also nah.wikipedia, sw.wikipedia, and a steward
연설 Wikimedia should be a model for open, scalable organizations.

As a Board member, I would be a strong community voice, communicating regularly about the Board's work, holding open meetings and soliciting public input. I support developing expertise within the community.

I would also:

  • fight for better support for translation and multilingual communication across Wikimedia, particularly for planning discussions
  • represent the technical and practical needs of smaller projects
  • encourage careful use of funds and goodwill, planning for long-term availability of the projects (with an endowment and core services)
  • encourage delegating outreach & community development to chapters

About me: I am an editor, translator, and advocate for Wikipedia. I am a steward, and started the Meta translators network in 2004. I published the Wikimedia Quarto newsletter (in 5 languages), and was secretary of the Special Projects Committee. I founded the Boston meetup group and helped run the first two Wikimanias, hosting Wikimania2006 in Boston.

Outside Wikimedia: For 3 years I have been director of content at One Laptop per Child, working on local partnerships for free content and offline distribution.

Thomas Braun (Redlinux)[edit]

요약 정보
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: Dr. Thomas Braun(토마스 브라운 박사)
    • 연령: 47
    • 거주지: Schönthal, Bavaria, Germany
    • 언어: German, English, and some written Latin and Spanish(독일어, 영어, 그리고 약간의 라틴어와 스페인어 쓰기)
연설 저에 대해서: 47세의 세 자녀를 둔 가장이자 내과, 스포츠 의학의 전문가이며 Bavaria의 시골에서 고참 응급 의사로 있습니다. 저는 제 여가 시간의 많은 부분을 위키피디아에 썼습니다. 비전은 그것을 위해 힘쓰는 사람에게만 존재한다는 것을 아니까요.

About me: 47, (family, 3 children) and working as a specialist in internal medicine, sports medicine and as a senior emergency doctor in a rural region of Bavaria. A large part of the remaining time I'm working for Wikipedia, because I know that a vision only lives from people working for it.

새삼스럽지만, 확실한 사실은 위키피디아는 단순한 혁신이 아니라 비전이란 것입니다. ...그리고 또한 매우 성공적인 비전이기도 합니다. 덧붙이자면, 위키는 정의하는 것만이 아니라 초국가적인 이상과 가치들에 의해서 성공했습니다. 어떤 위키 프로젝트는 아주 성공적으로 실행되고 나머지는 더 더딥니다. 그래서, 비전은 그 자체로 이루어지지 않으며 꾸준한 도움과 목표들을 가져야 합니다. 그들이 원하는 것이 무엇이든 간에 누구도 커뮤니티 자체보다 나은 걸 알지 못합니다; 그래서 저는(선출을 통해) "접근하기 위해서" 이사회 임원-제 것만이 아닌 당신들의 생각을 실현시키려 노력하는-이 되려 합니다. 저는 자원봉사 조직에서의 리더쉽에 대한 조금의 경험이 있습니다.(국제적 무대의 것은 아니지만)당신의 관심사를 이사회에 표현하는 것을 허락하신다면 제게 큰 영광일 것입니다.

The fact that Wikipedia is not only an innovation but a vision, that's no secret. ... and even a vision that has been high-flying so far. In addition, wiki succeeded not only in defining, but also in implementing transnational ideals and values. Some wiki-projects do run very good, others more hesitant. So, a vision is not a self-runner, but needs consistent support and goals. What they actually need, no one knows better than the community itself; so I (in case of being choosen) will be a board member "to touch" - who will try to realize your ideas (and not just my own). I have some experience in the leadership of volunteer organizations (although not on the global stage). It would be a great honor for me to be allowed to represent your interest in the Board.

팅천(Ting Chen) (Wing)[edit]

요약 정보
Ting on Wikimania 2008
  • 개인 정보:
    • 이름: 팅천(Ting Chen)
    • 연령: 41
    • 거주지: 독일, 마인츠
    • 언어: 중국어, 독일어, 영어, 프랑스어
연설 저는 작년에 이사로 선출되었습니다.I was elected as a board member last year. In the past year I have actively worked on various resolutions and topics on the board, including the resolution about BLP, the change of licensing policy just to name the two most prominant ones. I am on the board nomination committee and am one of the board representative on the Chapters Committee. Last autumn I was with Jimmy Wales in Beijing, China to explain our work, mission and gaol to chinese officials and to persuade them keep Wikimedia projects unblocked after the Olympic Games. I see it as my duty to keep the community informed about what the board and the Foundation is doing, thinking and planning and to relay the opinions of the community back to the board and the Foundation. Despite my job, my work on the board and other things in my life I had kept my promise to remain a community member, take part in discussion as a community member about different and controvertial topics and keep my work on Wikipedia: Since my election I had created numerous new articles on zh-wp or had inproved them from stubs to normal articles. I had kept my administrative work in cleaning up copyvio texts or images, in helping SUL requests. I would like to keep all these works also in the next two years, as a community member and as a board member.