Brand/Frequently asked questions

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This is a section for frequently asked questions about the Wikimedia brand.

Are there other (e.g Keynote, PowerPoint, Word) templates?[edit]

Right now, we have templates for Google Documents and Libre Office. If you really need a different format template, please request one by emailing

How much can I write on one slide?[edit]

We recommend sharing no more than 3 sentences on a slide. If you have more to say, just add more slide!

Do I need to update my research papers (e.g. LaTex) templates?[edit]

No you do not. We understand that research papers follow academic style guides and want Foundation staff, research partners, and community members to use those in presenting formal research.

Should I use punctuation in my titles?[edit]

That’s up to you, with one rule: be consistent. If you want to live a life free of punctuation in titles, LIVE FREE ON EVERY SLIDE. If you commit to punctuation in your titles, STAY TRUE THROUGHOUT YOUR PRESENTATION.

Do I need to update my older presentations?[edit]

Only if you are presenting them publicly again. Archived and Foundation-internal materials can be kept as-is.