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Communicating through text is an important part of Wikimedia’s brand. Using typography effectively and consistently is key to get your message across. Wikimedia uses two main typefaces, Montserrat and Source Serif 4. They are both free and open source.


The primary typeface for Wikimedia is Montserrat. It is used in the Wikimedia Foundation logo, and for all the branded content we make. Montserrat is a versatile sans-serif typeface. It has certain humanist features, giving it character and warmth, while its large X-height and wide construction give it a lot of impact. It works well for big headlines as well as smaller paragraphs of body copy.

Source Serif 4

Source Serif 4 is a serif typeface in the transitional style. Designed for a digital environment, the letter shapes are simplified and highly readable. The typeface has a strong character of its own that will shine when used for extended text on paper or screen.


Noto has been our default replacement for non-latin languages. Just like Montserrat and Source Serif it's open source and free to use under the Open Font License, which is great! However, we also encourage you to find a typeface with support for your language/script that you think fits best. We want to be aesthetically consistent, and Noto has quite a different expression than Montserrat. If you think of it as a substitute for Montserrat, you should try to find a typeface with a similar character.

Type in use

Both Montserrat and Source Serif have a wide selection of weights, which can be confusing when typesetting your message. In order to communicate your message as clearly and simply as possible, we recommend mainly using the Regular and Bold weights of both typefaces.

Montserrat looks good set big and bold. This makes for a punchy message! Quotes look very nice in Source Serif.

We like to use a minimum number of sizes and weights at once. Here is an example with only two weights and three sizes.