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Bashkortostan report: Wiki conference, events, and publication of a freely licensed poetic book[edit]

By Рөстәм Нурыев and Borovi4ok
Illustration Date and content of the event Illustration
Centre Centre December 3, 2017. BashWikiСonf 2017 (conference). The 2nd conference of Bashkir Wikimedia volunteers' community took place in Ufa. It was organized by Wikimedia RU and Wikimedians of Bashkortostan User Group. More photos from the conference are available here. Centre Centre
December 4, 2017. The 4th Congress of the Society of Bashkir Women took place in Ufa. It hosted discussions of topical issues, including teaching the Bashkir language in schools, protection of environment, raising children, healthcare and discussion of changes into the organization's charter. Zaituna Nigamatyanova (З. ӘЙЛЕ) made a report on the activities of Bashkir women in the international community of Wikimedia volunteers.
Centre December 9, 2017. The third stage of "Bashkortostan 100" is over. «Bashkortostan 100» is a big intellectual wiki-contest for creating and improving Wikipedia articles about Bashkortostan, and also uploading images to Wikimedia. Details will be available in the January newsfeed. Centre
Centre December 11, 2017. Russian Wikinews published a large interview with Rustam Nuryev, a doyen of the Bashkir volunteers' community. As Rustam recounts his personal story, "It was my interest in reading and learning new things that brought me to Wikipedia, first as a reader. My passion for Wikipedia has been growing ever since, and by now has sidelined my other hobbies". To learn more, check out the Russian Wikinews Centre
Centre December 14, 2017, the book of a poem titled "Watching the Sky and Thinking a Thought" and its translations into world languages was presented in the Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine. The book was published under a free license, and commemorated the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Nikolaevich Petrenko, the author of the poem. The publication included three translations into Bashkir done by three authors from Bashkortostan: Marsel Salimov, Guzel Sitdikova and Liliya Haqmar. This was a fruit of successful cooperation between the Wikimedia volunteers in Ukraine and Bashkortostan. Find out more in the Russian Wikinews. Centre
Centre December 20, 2017. Zaituna Nigamatyanova (З. ӘЙЛЕ) became a member of the Council of the Bashkir Women's Society and will oversee the development of the Bashkir Wikipedia through this public organization. Find out more in the Russian Wikinews. Centre