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Macedonia report: Wiki Camp Berovo 2017, Winners of DARM Challenge 3 and Wiki Loves Food award ceremony[edit]

By Violetova

Wiki Camp Berovo 2017[edit]

Participants at Wiki Camp Berovo 2017
Editing together
Free activities: Chinese lanterns for good wishes
The last day snow started

In the days 15 - 17 December 2017, GLAM Macedonia organized a Wiki Camp for underage students for editing articles on Macedonian Wikipedia. Overall, the camp was a huge success regarding the stated goals and expected outcomes. The level of engagement and interest of the students came up with more than 200 newly created articles on the mk.wiki. As a direct or indirect result of the Camp, two new Wiki Clubs were started. One of the new Clubs that was opened and started functioning was Wiki Club Ohrid. The idea of opening that was generated during the Conference for teachers held in October 2017 (see October report), but the realization of the idea took place during the Wiki Camp 2017. The students from WIki Club Ohrid who participated in WIki Camp Berovo were trained about the editing process and the coordinator of Wiki Club Ohird was more than happy to materialize the idea proposed in October.

Participants were 55 underage students, all coming from 10 different schools, from various different cities. The participants in the Wiki Camp were very happy and satisfied to take part in the project. Their feedback was extremely positive and their willingness to participate in another camp was obvious. The teachers who accompanied the students were eager to continue the collaboration with GLAM Macedonia in the future activities and projects.

DARM Challenge 3[edit]

The challenge run for one full month: from 00:01 (CET UTC+01:00) November 15, 2017 until 23:59 (CET UTC+01:00) December 15, 2017. Wikipedian in Residence at DARM (National Archive of the Republic of Macedonia) in the collaboration with the State Archive uploaded more than 2500 files. The aim of this challenge was to use these files in articles in any language. The winners (first five contributors with most points) are:

The five winners will get prizes: a set of books, 20 Euro each, with total amount of 100 Euro.

Statistic results (some according to GLAMorgan tool):

  • 16 participants
  • from 12 different language wikis
  • more than 50 new articles created at the time of DARM Challenge 3
  • 40.83% of all images of category are used in articles

We noticed that there were editors who used the files in their home wiki articles, but they didn't sign themselves as participants. This is something we also count as a success.