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Serbia report: 600,000 articles on srwiki, 15th b-day, #1lib1ref results[edit]

By Mickey Mystique

Serbian Wikipedia turns 15[edit]

Serbian Wikipedia was created thanks to the enthusiasm of several volunteers who began to edit, after separation of Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia into Serbian and Croatian versions. In the first year, Serbian Wikipedia had 150 articles, and only three years later, the milestone of 100,000 articles was reached. Today, Serbian Wikipedia has more than 602,000 articles, over 210,000 registered users and about 900 active editors.

Fun facts about Serbian Wikipedia
  • The first article was about GNU licenses.
  • The articles were originally written only in Cyrillic script, and in 2006, a software has been introduced for translating text from Cyrillic to Latin, and vice versa.
  • It is the second most widely read Wikipedia in the Balkans (after Bulgarian Wikipedia).
  • It has over 21 million visits a month, or 700,000 visits a day.
  • The most edited article is the one about the Republic of Serbia (3,840 edits).
  • The largest article, and the most referenced article, is the text about Hilary Clinton (680,490 bytes, 720 references).
  • The most illustrated article is a List of Norwegian coats of arms (491 photos).
  • The user with the largest number of changes is User:Dcirovic, who made as many as 1,163,871 changes.
  • There are about 150 bots that are doing repetitive tasks on a daily basis.
  • In 2017, Serbian Wikipedia was visited 257.7 million times.

Our #1lib1ref results[edit]

The global campaign of reference imput #1Lib1Ref, which was organized for the first time in Serbia, proved to be a very fruitful idea. Librarians of the University library, Belgrade City Library, as well as other Wikipedians, added 786 references to various articles in Serbian Wikipedia. By the end of the challenge, the results were exceptional - 786 references were added on 450 pages, numbering a total of 286,869 bytes. President of Wikimedia Serbia, Filip Maljković, awarded the top three participants with gift cards for bookshops.

Images of the birthday celebration[edit]

Images of the birthday wishes from around the world[edit]