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Macedonia report: Wikipedia 17 meetup, Edit-a-thon "VeloCity", and an open discussion on digitization[edit]

Importance of digitization in 21 century[edit]

By Violetova
Gordana Jovik Stojkovska, Wikipedian in Residence in the City Library

On 18 January 2018 GLAM Macedonia organized open discussion "Importance of digitization in 21 century" in collaboration with the City Library "Braka Miladinovci" in Skopje. This event was organized to celebrate Wikipedia 17 in Macedonia, and also to support #1Lib1Ref campaign.

Four speakers had their presentation on importance of digitization in the GLAM institution they work for: Jasmina Najdovska, advisor for archiving material, a new period, from The State Archives of Republic of Macedonia, Daniela Mitevska, historian educator from the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje, Gordana Andreeva, program manager from the City Library and Gordana Jovik Stojkovska, who is Wikipedian in Residence in the City Library.

The event itself was announced on national TV channel.

All photos from the event are in this category.

Wikipedia 17 meetup and Edit-a-thon "VeloCity"[edit]

By Ehrlich91
Wikipedia 17 meetup

On 15th of January, the world celebrates the day of Wikipedia, on the date it was first put into use on the Internet - January 15, 2001. The wiki community in Macedonia marked the day "Wikipedia 17" with Wiki meet up in Piazza Liberta cafe where several topics and ongoing projects on Wikipedia and Wikimedia in Macedonia were discussed, and the handball match Macedonia against Montenegro was watched along with the Wikipedia birthday cake.

On 18th of January we had the first edit-a-thon in this year. This edit-a-thon was organized jointly with the cyclists-members of the Critical Mass / NaTo4ak initiative on the topic: "Velograd" (meaning: velo-city) with the main aim to improved and broaden the content of information about cycling infrastructure and issues on the articles on Wikipedia on Macedonian language. The event took place at the self-sustainable social center "Dunja" in Skopje where over 20 people first had a lecture on Wikipedia and then 11 participants created 11 new articles.