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Bulgaria report: Editathons in New Bulgarian University and successful end of the WikiBotevgrad initiative[edit]

Editathons with Center Francophonie of New Bulgarian University[edit]

By Justine

This spring we had the chance to organise two edit-a-tons at New Bulgarian University with the Center Francophonie. We had two sessions with the French language students - one was in February - "Introduction to Wikipedia" by Vassia and open task to the students to create articles in Bulgarian related to France. The second event was on 23 May, the edit-a-ton itself, aimed at helping the students to upload their developed articles and get a deeper insight on Wikipedia possibilities. We feel satisfaction with this project and great opportunity for future collaboration with the University and the Francophonie Center.

WikiBotevgrad's first QR code plate officially opened to mark the successful end of the initiative[edit]

By Spasimir and Vassia
The first information plate in front of the Botevgrad Clock Tower
Wikimedians with staffers of the Municipality and the Town Library

On May 30, as a final event in the frames of the WikiBotevgrad initiative, the first information plate with a QR code to Wikipedia in Botevgrad was officially opened. The project was possible due to the close cooperation between Bulgarian Wikipedians, and the Botevgrad Municipality, "Ivan Vazov" Library, and the Botevgrad History Museum.

The initiative for the first wikitown in Bulgaria began in October 2017 and was organized in three stages: the end of November 2017, the end of February 2018 and the end of May 2018. In a period of 8 months, more than 60 people took part - staff members of the library and the history museum, of the cultural centres from the villages in the municipality, teachers and students from the municipal schools, as well as people from other parts of Bulgaria. More than 80% of the participants were people, who edited Wikipedia for the first time.

During the initiative, more than 150 articles in Bulgarian Wikipedia were created and edited, and the Bulgarian Wikisource now offers for the first time in the web space the full collection "With quill and sword" and other works by the most notable poet of Botevgrad, Stamen Panchev. More than 1000 files were uploladed to Wikimedia Commons - photos, historical documents, audio, and video.

Until June 15, the Bulgarian wiki team organizes international contest for creation of articles about WikiBotevgrad. Everyone who writes at least two articles will get the special postcard (with the special Bulgarian Wikipedian postage stamp from 2016!) and the first three editors with most content contributed will also obtain a special Wikibotevgrad t-shirt.