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Erzya report: 10 years of Erzyan Wikipedia![edit]

By Kaarel Vaidla
Cover photo 10 years of Erzyan Wikipedia

On May 26, 2008 Erzyan Wikipedia came out of the incubator and so this year the Erzyan Wikipedia is celebrating its 10 years!

For other communities there are 2 ways to participate in these celebrations:

  1. You can do it on social media choosing your own or your community's photo & congratulate Erzyan Wikipedia in your mother tongue using #myvwikipedia10 & #erzyawiki10 hashtags.
  2. You can do it in wiki way and participate on wiki-marathon organized by Wikimedians of Erzya language User Group. The competition kicked of on May 26th and will be ending on June 26th. You can find more information regarding this on respective project page on Erzyan Wikipedia.