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From the team: And so we shall continue[edit]

By Kaarel Vaidla

So we did it.

In our first edition of CEE Newsletter (October 2017, published on the 1st of November) 15 regions were represented with a total of 6 regional and 26 local stories. On the first day when newsletter came out, it had 30 views and 21 on the following day, collecting a total of 127 pageviews over the course of November[1]. Also some Facebook love was shared with 16 people liking and 3 people loving the post in Central Eastern European Wikimedia Community group announcing the publishing of our very first issue[2]. In short, CEE Newsletter has been well received and is here to stay.

Pageviews of "meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/CEE/Newsletter" in November 2017 according to pageviews tool.

We continue to share various experiences in the region and learn from each other. This month Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Romania (in alphabetical order) have added their content to the newsletter, making a total count of regions covered with our 2 first newsletters to 20. Any way you look at it, most of the region has already participated in newsletter initiative one way or another. As a result, the CEE Newsletter provides an excellent opportunity to stay up-to-date with activities and news from a variety of regional partners.

And there is also diversity in content, so everyone can find something of interest from the newsletter: competitions, events, educational and GLAM initiatives, project page news and many wonderful pictures. Everyone can contribute what they feel is important and everyone can read articles most relevant in their context. This also means that there is something new to learn for everyone from everyone in the newsletter.

With regional newsletter now in place we don’t have to wait for and spend our precious time on conferences or in-person meetings to hear for the first time what others are doing (although we can certainly continue to do that). We don’t have to follow attentively Facebook feeds and blogs of our dear regional partners (although we can also continue doing that). We don’t need to stay up-to-date with all the reports on meta (although this too continues to be an option). We can now add and find all our regional stories gathered and stored in one known place.

And so we shall continue.