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Hungary report: Agreement with the University Library[edit]

By Samat
University Library (by Tamás Thaler)
  • One of the Hungarian Wikimedians, Texaner participated on the WikidataCon 2017 conference in Berlin (28–29 October 2017). WikidataCon is the conference dedicated to the Wikidata community, and its main focus is the wide range of topics and questions about the Wikidata project; two days of talks, workshops, demos, meetups, and social events. After the conference he wrote an interesting report in Hungarian about his experience and shared his experience on the following meetups.
  • The Petőfi Literary Museum (PIM) asked the help of the Hungarian Wikimedia community to import the Hungarian Biographical Index (PIM IDs) into Wikidata. The Hungarian Biographical Index is a collection to group personal, biographical pieces of information and their sources; the national register for the personal namespace. It has been the largest data donation for Wikimedia in Hungary until now. Based on the register close to 10 thousands Wikidata elements were identified and filled up with data by Texaner, then bots created the connection between Wikidata and Wikipedia for around 6 thousands articles (in order to show the identifiers in the Wikipedia articles) and updated thousands earlier (dead) links to the new format.
  • The Hungarian Shakespeare Committee, the Petőfi Literary Museum, the Pázmány Péter Catholic University and the Wikimedia Hungary organized the already traditional, two-day long Shakespeare edit-a-thon on 10–11 November. The edit-a-thon offered a great opportunity to learn about Shakespeare, about his works and era, his colleagues, and to learn about Wikipedia and how to edit it. The edit-a-thon was helped by practiced Wikipedians and Shakespeare researchers.
  • Wikimedia Hungary modified its contract with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The University offers the headquarter for Wikimedia Hungary, but because of organizational and infrastructural changes of the University the headquarter had to move some meters in the same building. (Official address of the chapter will change as soon the Court accept the changes of the bylaws.)
  • Wikimedia Hungary signed a new agreement with the University Library (Eötvös Loránd University) on 16 November 2017. Based on the agreement Wikipedians and Wikimedians will be able to visit the library and use all services of the library free of charge. Services include among others access to many databases and collections of the library network. Beside services, according to the agreement, the University Library released their archive collections under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. From the other side, Wikimedia Hungary will help the library in edit-a-thons, educations and presentations about Wikipedia/Wikimedia, and offered the library a smaller yearly book donation on the field of open knowledge, open communities, or from books using free content.