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Macedonia report[edit]

Start of the new school year with the education program in three schools in Macedonia[edit]

By Македонец

Education program in Macedonia in this year has seen a significant expansion in three schools in Macedonia out of which in two primary schools have just been started in this year. This month we have started the education program in a new third school of "Goce Delčev" in the town of Negotino in south-central part of Macedonia.

Krume Kepeski Primary School in Skopje

Оn 17th of October we have started the new educational program in the Krume Kepeski primary school, which have been set up for the first time in February 2018. With the help and support of the history teacher and our coordinator for the program in this school Slobodan Trajkovski we have prepared several months activity plan and program which will be implemented throughout the entire school year of 2018/2019 with the students of the ninth grade on the subject "Introduction of Homeland" including a specific editing and learning activity every month in the school classroom as well as out door visits. The first introductory class was held with the students of three different classes of ninth grade who attend the optional subject of "Introduction of Homeland". On this introductory lecture 18 students have created user accounts and 17 new short articles about Rivers in Macedonia and 1 improved with text for a village in western Macedonia, with main aim to be introduced and get acknowledged with Wikipedia and the ways of creating and editing articles and adding content. Some of the students have shown significant editing skills as they have already known about working on computer, programming and Wikipedia, while with few of them edits of the articles were made through the mobile application of Wikipedia. The work will continue through the tasks and homework given by the teacher that will be done and added on Wikipedia and the lecture in the next month.

Goce Delčev Primary School in Negotino

In the new school year of 2018/2019 the education program has been extended to another new primary school "Goce Delchev" in the town of Negotino in south-central part of Macedonia. The entire program collaboration and event organization was conducted by our longstanding contributor on the Macedonian Wikipedia Elizabeta Trpkovska (User:BlueEagle1) who is a teacher of French language at this school and show a great interest and initiative for education activities of Wikipedia within the education program in her school. Early in the day a memorandum of cooperation has been signed with the school's principal Petar Mantev who together with our education program coordinator for this school Elizabeta Trpkovska and other colleagues have shown a great interest, initiative and readiness for implementing education activities of Wikipedia within the education program in the school throughout this and the next school years. Upon the great organizational efforts of Elizabeta Trpkovska who have previously chosen 20 interested students from different classes of ninth and eight grade, the school provided a classroom with 14 desktop computers whit quite decent internet connection where the first lecture and editing activities took place for a period of more than and hour and a half. At the class the students have been instructed of the basics of editing with adding texts, citations, adding hyperlinks and categorizing the created articles for archaeological sites in Negotino region, while few students who have shown greater and more advanced skills have also been introduced to the translation tool. The activity have successfully been finished with significant outcome of 40 newly created articles by the students.

Josip Broz Tito High School in Skopje

On 30th of October we have started the educational program in Josip Broz Tito high school for the fourth consecutive year. This first activity in the new school year included initial teaching class for editing and working on Wikipedia with students from the fourth year. In a period of one hour upon already given topics from physics by their teacher Cvetko Nedelkovski six students have participated the class editing 10 articles in total out of which 9 newly created and 1 largely improved article. All of the students have edited their first article by coding editor while their second and other articles have been created through the translation tool which has also been presented to them on this occasion. Editing activities within the education program in Josip Broz Tito high school have started few days earlier in the second half of October as the teacher Cvetko Nedelkovski gave homework assignments for the students to create articles on Wikipedia in physics topics. Thus the total number of participants and edited articles so far is 21 students who have created 23 and improved 2 articles. The students will continue with further editing and improving articles as a tasks given by their physics teacher within their regular assignments.

GLAM Macedonia activities in Education and GLAM[edit]

By Violetova

Wiki Camp Doyran 2018[edit]

Wiki Camp Doyran 2018 took place on the weekend of 7-9 September 2018, in Doyran, Republic of Macedonia. The Camp was a successfully and professionally organized camp for underage students for editing articles on Macedonian Wikipedia. Overall, the camp was a huge success regarding the stated goals and expected outcomes. We had 56 participants, 46 students, two lecturers, and others were involved teachers and GLAM Macedonia volunteers. The students were coming from 10 schools, all from different cities. As a direct result of the Camp one Wiki section was started and 300 new articles were created. On the Wiki Camp, there were 28 already trained Wikipedians, who are members of Wiki Clubs in Macedonia, and 18 newbies.

The sessions were split first two days: in one group there were the new users who were trained to edit Wikipedia and in the other group were Wikipedians who created articles and learn more skills while editing. The second day, there were two sessions: one workshop for photography, and the second workshop for advanced editing. The third day, after the morning editing together, the most successful editors were awarded, and we all together went back home.

Wiki Clubs activities[edit]

Regular meeting in Skopje

We have a new timing for regular meetings in the Wiki Club in Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje, and our fourth Wiki Club was established in Štip. We have collaboration with more than 20 schools in the Republic of Macedonia.

On 28 September 2018, the fourth Wiki Club was established in Štip, with coordinator Jovanka Šaleva. Organized in two sessions, the 22 students were trained for editing Wikipedia, and 6 new articles were created as a result. The same day, memorandum for collaboration was signed with the school "Kole Nehtenin".

Wiki Tour in the Archaeological Museum[edit]

Archeological Museum of Macedonia
Hungarian workshop

On 28 of September 2018 we organize Wiki Tour in the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia in Skopje, as a result of upcoming collaboration. Wikipedians, members of GLAM Macedonia and our friends had an opportunity to learn more about this Museum and to walk around the artifacts.

On 24 October we organized workshop in the honor of Hungarian National day - 23 October. The event took place in the office of the Association of Hungarians in the Republic of Macedonia, and all participants were members of Wiki Club in the Museum of Macedonian struggle in Skopje. During the three hours of the editing workshop, 14 new articles on Wikipedia were created, all biographies of people who were involved in the Hungarian Revolution from 1956. Bilingual book and certificates were given to the participants.

On 25 October 2018 the Agreement for collaboration was signed with the Archaeological Museum of the Republic of Macedonia. We expected with this collaboration to enrich Wikipedia with a lot of files, new articles and improved ones.