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Free Licenses-Wings to your books event in Vijayawada was conducted on 8 February 2017. The event was conducted in Andhra Loyola College Auditorium, Vijayawada.


From June 2016-January 2017, A2K is conducting Relicensing of several books, scan-a-thon and digitization activities in and around Guntur and Vijayawada cities of Andhra Pradesh. Marking the completion digitization & proofreading sprint conducted in Andhra Loyola college and also many relicenses happened over last June-July, A2K conducted event that ment to improve awareness about Free licenses in Andhra Loyola college, Vijayawada.


  • CIS-A2K
  • Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada


  • Date & Time: 8 February 2017, 03:00 PM
  • Place: Andhra Loyola College
  • City: Vijayawada

What happened[edit]

Deputy speaker of Andhra Pradesh Mandali Buddhaprasad, Editor of Nadustunna Charitra Samala Ramesh Babu, Principal of Andhra Loyola college Rev. Dr. G.A.P.Kishore were special invitees for the event. Pavan Santhosh explained about Free licenses, importance of Free licenses to writers' who wanted their work to be used as reference material, etc., Writers who previously relicensed their works to CC-BY-SA license - Kanuri Badarinadh, Fr.Poodota Jojayya and Fr.Job Sudarsan were felicitated. Later Student Wikipedians who participated in months long Digitization sprint were appriciated and given certificates.