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In response to the inclusion of Wikipedia lessons within Indic language curricula observed in 2024, A2K has begun developing a comprehensive training module for language educators. Leveraging their expertise, A2K aims to empower educators to navigate and contribute effectively to Wikipedia, ultimately enhancing digital literacy and educational outcomes. This effort will commence with a pilot program focused on Telugu Wikipedia.


The curriculum for certain Indic languages as of 2024 includes a lesson or segment about their respective language Wikipedia. For instance, the second-semester Telugu-language textbook for undergraduate students in Andhra Pradesh integrates content about Telugu Wikipedia within the 'Telugu Language and Technology' lesson. This addition to the curriculum occurred after 2021, and similar incorporations regarding Indic Wikipedias have been noted in textbooks for other Indian languages. Given A2K's previous efforts to promote Wikimedia projects and contributions within curricula, this presents a significant opportunity for collaboration.

Access to Knowledge aims to introduce a training module for language educators. This module will provide educators with a deeper understanding of Wikipedia and its functionality, with a focus on facilitating their contributions to Wikipedia.


Telugu Wikipedia training to Telugu Lecturers[edit]

Telugu Wikipedia training to Telugu Lecturers is a program aimed to help Telugu language lecturers of Andhra Pradesh to learn about basics of Telugu Wikipedia and support interested participants in learning how to contribute to Telugu Wikipedia. Access to Knowledge Program is currently collaborating with DRG Government Degree College, Tadepalligudem to roll-out a training session and subsequent certificate course to Telugu Lecturers from East and West Godavari Districts. Eventually, this program will be rolled out to rest of the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States.


Telugu Wikipedia Training Session for Telugu Lecturers of Godavari Districts
19 and 20 April 2024
Participants primarily include Telugu-language lecturers from Government and Aided Degree Colleges of former East and West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh.
Program includes teaching participants about basic policies and guidelines of Telugu Wikipedia including it's style guide, helping participants understand how wikipedia works which includes training on creating their user account, editing wikipedia pages, and identifying issues with existing Wikipedia pages.
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